Photograph of the day – Ribbon

I’m assuming that these yellow ribbons, which appeared last weekend around Templemore Ave, have something to do with the recent deployment of the RIR to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately due to excessive exposure as a youngster i’m always reminded of this

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  • edgeoftheunion

    It might be a tribute to Naomi Long timed for the Lib-Dem conf.

  • William Markfelt

    The same ribbons appeared on the Ravenhill Road, either side of Ravenhill Presbyterian Church, on lamp posts, on Saturday. I had assumed a wedding was taking place in it.

  • Coll Ciotach

    Ribbonmen on Templemore Ave – what is the world coming to?


    Organised by Glentoran Community Trust I believe.

  • joeCanuck

    Funny, articles. You have a great (photographic?) memory.

  • I’m assuming that these yellow ribbons … have something to do with the recent deployment of the RIR to Afghanistan.

    It would be nice if journalists could display a bit more apathy to people laying their lives on the line than statements like the above.

    As Stewart Finn says, this was organised as part of a wider “Im not there but I still care” appeal for comfort boxes to be prepared and sent by the public to Irish Regiments currently serving on operations in Afghanistan.

    This is a follow on from a previously very successful appeal. I’m not sure if the last one was treated with such antipathy in the press mind.

  • st ettienne…..
    If i’d been really apathetic i wouldn’t have even bothered posting the photo!

    I wasn’t aware of the initiative hence my statement of assumption!

    antipathy or apathy make up yer mind

  • Dawn Purvis suggests it’s the
    > … ‘tie a yellow ribbon’ from Glentoran Community Trust. A Christmas shoebox appeal for our troops in Afghanistan.

  • No not at all. As i recall I’d just been lifted and put in the wagon and I remember the yellow vividly. Rookie cops however put me in the wrong end of the landrover and couldn’t get me out.

  • bill manwaring!/photo.php?pid=5343171&fbid=453555094208&id=198076794208

    Part of the ‘I’m not there but I still care’ Campaign.

    I was an honour to have the opportunity to be involved

  • I’d assume it’s the job of people in the media to know what’s going on…

  • joeCanuck

    hehehehe; it’s the way ya tell ’em , articles. Good one.

  • Moochin: Do your job and go and research this immediately!

    St Etienne: Can you pass your address on to Moochin so he can invoice you for this?