Can this be right?

The Irish Independent reports the results of a TV3 opinion poll carried out by Millward Brown Lansdowne – the rest of the poll can be read here [pdf file].  Margin of error is 3 percentage points.  RTÉ have also picked it up.  From the Irish Independent report

Compared with the last poll by the same company, published in the Irish Independent in February, Fianna Fail is down five points to 22pc, Fine Gael is down four points to 30pc, and Labour has shot up 16 points to 35pc.

The Green Party is unchanged at 2pc, Sinn Fein is down 4pc to 4pc, and Independents are down 2pc to 8pc.

While it’s worth noting that these are the figures after the 17% of ‘don’t knows’ are excluded, the changes from February, in a poll using the same methodology, are eye-catching.

And from a northerly point of view, interesting that 28% of identified Sinn Féin supporters apparently have a preference for Irish Labour Party Leader Eamon Gilmore to be the next Taoiseach – compared to 33% who would prefer their own party leader, Gerry Adams.

Although that might be because they recognise that he’s an absentee leader…