Photograph of the Day – Medical related graffiti?

Roden St/Grosvenor Road

Just down from the Royal Victoria Hospital i wonder if the ONH stands for Optical nerve hypoplasia or Our National Health. Probably not, as it is in, all likelihood for Óglaigh na hÉireann

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  • Rory Carr

    Whatever it stands for it screams an underlying message from the poor deluded artist: One Needs Help

  • A,N.Other

    Orangemen Not Here

  • lover not a fighter

    ONH; Our Newest Headbangers.


    Charming House with Bigots.

  • Cynic

    Oh Not Herpes!!!

  • Oracle

    Hungarian National Opera……. for dyslexic’s

    And obviously those Swiss bastards disciminated against them…. the gobshits

  • alley cat

    The relevance of this post is..?

  • Rory Carr

    The relevance of this post is.. one needs (a sense of) humor to participate fully. You should try it out sometime – they’re free!

  • alley cat

    Yes indeed it is laughable.

  • lover not a fighter

    ONH saying

    “Its lonely here”

    “Move under me and lets try to make friends”

    “coz it looks like no one likes us !”

  • JammyDodger

    Anybody else tag on that whatever muppet scrawled this even got the abbreviation wrong? Should be ÓnaÉ.

    Beggers belief to think these people call themselves republicans.

  • JammyDodger


    Will teach me for correcting grammar lol

  • pinni

    Is that Rodent Street?

  • joeCanuck

    Why so quiet, belfastjj?

  • Greenflag


  • Greenflag

    Graffiti’s days are numbered -the writing is on the wall 🙂

    A couple of the best from truly talented Graffitists ‘

    ‘The Grand Old Duke of York . He had 10,000 men .
    His case comes up next week ‘

    ‘If Typhoo put the tea in Britain -who put the ‘arse’ in Marseilles ?’

    ‘I’ve half a mind to join the UUP – that’s all you’ll need’

    ‘9148 A novel for dyslexics by George Orwell .”