Photograph of the Day- Guess where?

I first saw this a year or so ago off the Sandy Row. I was surprised to see that this has been left up for so long.

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  • Oh dear have i invoked Godwins law with this?

  • RepublicanStones

    Mooch I think the moron who sprayed that left out a ‘D’ in the Middle of the second word.

  • joeCanuck

    So they’ve managed to move Sandy Row over to E.Belfast too! Wonders will never cease.

  • wild turkey


    that D would make it a white line protest. joking!!! only joking

    the topic of this post is “society and culture” so maybe it will go in the forthcoming DCAL cuts

  • lover not a fighter

    I wonder what is the significance of the “damage” to the genital area of the “Martian” and the booted young man ?

    Professional and amateur Psychologists feel free to interpret !

  • Big Maggie


    This answers the question I asked on your “Remember the Fallen” thread, whether you’d also spotted racist graffiti in Belfast.

    Hubby likes those crotchless slacks BTW. Any idea where I can buy a pair for him? Ann Summers was no help at all.

  • Hey Joe i didn’t even have to go to Sandy Row – MP could have a gotten a good picture for a German visitors 5mins away from him !!

    Oh and guess what its even dated LOL not that i’m saying MP’s photo isn’t a year old !!

  • Ulick

    JJ, your constant ‘whataboutry’ on every blog is a little pathetic really.

  • Yup Ulick thats why i’m not bothering to respond to such trolling

  • Sorry Maggie i didn’t see that been a bit busy of late.
    You could try the back of Castlecourt………Gresham St you (and hubby) might get lucky there?

  • augustiner hell

    So what’s it to be ..
    “If anyone can point me in the direction of a similar sectarian scrawl in a Nationalist area i’d be very happy to show that too.”
    “i’m not bothering to respond”
    I had always assumed you to be a neutral observer but right now your pants are down.

  • “sectarian scrawl” on a separate thread of which i will be expanding further on and i will be opening a thread for photos submitted to be put up(though i’m not going to spend hours and hours trawling through a rake of photos truth be told but i will put up photos…patience required as i’m a bit busy at present.
    This thread is about a racist (not sectarian) scrawl though some of the issues are the same so to say i’m caught with my pants down says something about your imagination i guess.
    BJJ is constantly at the whataboutery with accusations of anti protestanism and bias. Also the insinuation about the date is risible and essentailly a distraction . I document what i see and if some don’t like that their culture is mis represented thats not my issue.
    I know now that i should have responded to accusations of bias by asking if i take a photograph of a dog does that mean i have to take a photograph of a cat?

  • wild turkey


    your posts are of a consistently high quality. my 10 yr old son, a budding photographer and moviemaker, loves them.

    so why bother wrestling with the occassional pygmies who throw shit your way. i know, easier said than done. but their comments say much more about them than your photos

    good luck

  • Thanks WT
    It’s always interesting to note that there never seems to be any condemnation (unless prompted)….just finger pointing.

  • augustiner hell

    Yes, I am aware today’s photo is of a racist nature. I am merely pointing out the inconsistency in your statement from a few days ago and your statement today of not responding.
    The dog and cat analogy bears little relevance to protestant catholic bias. My apologies for using the ‘pants down’ quip, no offence meant..and my imagination would appear to be behind yours if you read anything into it.
    Your first paragraph would have been enough for me to hold my hands up and say fair enough.

  • I’m taking an editorial decision to not rise to the constant whataboutery of Bjj hence the “not repsonding” bit
    I apolagise for being tetchy 🙂

  • Gil Scott Heron………”Home is where the hatred is”

  • Cynic

    Boots sell scissors …but do be careful

  • JAH

    Yes but do they give better odds than Paddy Power?

  • DC

    Also, the painted person and the alien have both had their genitalia-area poked out?

    Dismembered and dis-empowered.

    Fight the power!

  • anne warren

    way to go!

  • Munsterview

    And we got the impression that it was only Unionist women of a certain years that lost the head when they came to canal restaurants in the moonlight !

    And now hints of a whole hidden male prod sex life…… lucky you incidently!

    May I remind you of that bestseller book on ‘The Secret Life Of The French’ done by an English woman living over there. Could I suggest a ‘ Secret life of the Northern Protestants’ etc as you have them infiltrated and got a grip on them so to speak!

    So the marching season is not pointless after all it is to build up stamina……right ?

    Not alone would you have a best seller on hands : you could solve a few political problems as well; if what you hint at and these lurid Canal headlines are true, then within days of publication, tens of thousands would be flocking cross the border and we would have that elusive Nationalist majority, that is if they were not all too exhausted to vote !

    Well, would you at least consider it ?

  • castrosghost

    obviosly not to foreign nationals or aliens

  • Just wondering if you saw this graffiti a year ago and you say your offended by all sectarian graffiti did you report to the Council to have it removed ? or have you reported any other sectarian graffiti to the Council ?

    Or would that defeat the purpose of your photos ?

    I’ll can give you the email address to report antisocial behaviour, to Belfast City Council

    Or if you’d like the graffiti removed

    Although there is no statutory obligation for them to remove graffiti, under section 18 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 1985, they can remove it or destroy graffiti which is detrimental to the local area.

    Hope that helps MP

  • Finbar

    Didn’t the Nazis bomb Belfast? Whoever wrote that surely does not know that.

  • Breaking news !!

    The police have solved the cryptic puzzle and have a white power suspect


  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Oh don’t let’s get into the Nazi stuff again … we did that to death a week ago. If you want to compare pro-Nazi records between the communities, we can go through it all again if you want.

    MP, I admire your photos on the whole but I do think belfastjj has a good point here. Several of us took part in the extended debate of 100+ posts last week on these pages – some of which, mainly mine, were quite long – which I left reassured that you weren’t just interested in the anti-Catholic sectarianism. So I’m surprised at your reaction to belfastjj’s picture and challenge.

    Like many, I was more intrigued by the “castrated alien by the lawn scene” … surely a comment on the emasculation and alienation of men in the feminised space of 21st C urban life. The blue-jacketed figure in the foreground is clearly feminist intellectual Andrea Dworkin, choosing to appear “crotchless” here as an ironic counterblast to male commodification of female sexuality, the crime for which women have castrated them. It’s all in there.

  • Moochin

    Ring the council with the location and they’ll get it removed.

  • Thats what i’d do if it was annoying me so much !!

  • Emmett

    He said he was surprised by it still being there, not that he was offended or annoyed by it. All of Belfast and NI is covered in sectarian and racist graffiti, none of which offends or shocks me because I know there’s plenty of young naive hate filled people scrawling rubbish all over the place.
    I doubt there’s much thought going into much of it other than them vs. us tribal bullsh**t. It worries me at times, but it never shocks or offends me to the point of asking for it to be removed. Another nice cleanly painted wall is another blank canvas to scrawl more idiotic tags. Anyway the council are probably too busy going round painting over posters advertising local events to bother covering up any graffiti.

  • HeinzGuderian

    I refuse to respond to any of the above…………..after all,it’s what a Message Board if for……….:-)

  • I suggest you read his comments on other photo’s and his distaste for graffiti !!