Photograph of the Day – Disappearing Orange

On Sunday i spent the day  covering  the charity cycle ‘Lap the Lough’ (86 miles clockwise around Lough Neagh). I didn’t make a note of where i took this  unfortunately. Anyways another of my bug bears is the flags issue. I think there should be more respect shown and that the flying of these fluttering rags of allegiance should be limited to ensure that this sort of disrespect isn’t the norm which unfortunately  it seems to be.


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  • edgeoftheunion

    It is one of my bugbears as well, so I have to congratulate the Bloomfield posse, whoever they are, on the swift removal of all the flags at the roundabout. Obviously I wish we could do without them for the whole year but 10/12 is not bad.

  • Bullitt

    Nice pic, if something of a De Valera wet-dream!

    Seriously though, it really is a valid point that those who profess loyalty to some flag or other should take a bit of care with them and not leave them to be torn to shreds by the elements all winter…

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Not sure how describing them as “rags of allegiance” shows more respect than their actual fluttering.
    But full credit to two people.
    One on (presumably) Friday night to the person who placed an Armagh “rag of allegiance” on top of the scaffolding at Shankill Parish Church in Lurgan town centre….and to the person who removed it at 10.45am on Saturday morning. It looks like a long way down.

  • Alan N/ARDS

    It’s a shame that there is no posse in Newtownards to take down the remains of the flags still flying here. Why do they feel the need to put them up in the first place?

  • Alan Maskey

    I bought some door mats recently on
    Many of the ones advertised are in the form of the Union Jack. I live beside an ex squaddie and told him of this outrage, Not amused.

  • lover not a fighter

    Tis a hard country on flags !

    Or is it flags that are hard on the country/ies !

    Is the man/’woman that feels the need to follow a flag struggling for their own ideas ideas.

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    Driving around Derry a few times over the years I saw exactly zilch tricolours, walking through the fountain I saw enough orange/British/loyalist flags to fit almost every lampost in Derry…………….well almost. I would have thought one flag per lampost sufficient.

  • Clo

    I have to agree that the unionist community in particular do seem to have a fondness for flags.

    If anyone has a sudden lapse in memory and forgets we’re in the UK, Coleraine will remind you… hundreds of times (although, going by flags alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re in Scotland). A few weeks ago I counted 52 flags from where I was parked in a residential area. One home even had little mini flags in their flower pots. Bizarre.

  • aquifer

    I’m with you on the rotting flags issue. This sectarian lamp-post pissing behaviour is not on. It appears our Executive cannot even get a man with a Stanley knife up a ladder. And how much do those shared fufure policy glossy booklets cost?

  • perfidious albion

    Surely the answer is to have a law as in the USA, one is permitted to fly the flag as long as it is paid due respect with penalties of jail and/or a heavy fine for not following the rules.

  • Clanky

    I have been living in Englandshire for the last 13 years and coming back I have noticed that there are far less flags being flown from peoples’ houses than there used to be, at least this might be a small sign of progress.

    It is a shame that the minority who are determined to continue living in a divided society feel the need to fly flags from every lamp post in order to make up for the lack of loyalism of ordinary people.

  • jojo

    You can’t have driven around Top of the Hill or the Bogside though admittedly some loyalist areas have more flags. I reckon it just adds to a ghetto mentality especially for the young people

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    I was around the bogside last time jojo but admittedly that was four years ago, have things changed? And I was only on the cityside before driving south towards Strabane where the first village outside Derry (newbuildings I think) was caked in unionist flags.

    I have joked about it previously that at the time England were playing Trinidad&Tobago and I did see a few red and black numbers but probably less than I would see in Scotland.

  • Alan Maskey

    Are these people showing respect to the Star Spangled banner?.

    Ian Milne was banged up in the Bog at the time of Claudy so he is in the clear.

    Union Jack door mats.

    Flags don’t have the respect they used to. Doen nayone know anyone who uses a Union Jack as a door mat?