Photograph of the Day – Zadoc Nava

Photographer Zadoc Nava beside one of his prints from his exhibition 'Shadowlands' which previewed on Thursday night at Belfast Exposed Gallery on Donegal St

The exhibition comprises photographs from a number of visits to Iran, in particular the capital Tehran and offers an insight into life in Iran. It’s an interesting exhibition and highlights tensions between the old and the new. Speaking with Zadoc he told me that whilst there was no real problem taking photographs(as ever common sense needs to be applied when shooting on the street) he did get arrested once.

I think there is a resonance between the political and religious murals in Tehran and our own murals. There are a couple of brilliant photographs in the exhibition and i particularly like the short film Zadoc made ‘House of Strength’ which is an intimate portrayal of  (and i quote from the BX blurb)  “Persian martial arts practiced by Islamic warriors for centuries – a fusion of dance,combat training, religion and philosophy”.

An exhibition that is well worth checking out.