Photograph of the day – What about the Northern Irish?

Just the Poles then? What about the Lituanians? The Lativans? Or for that matter the Northern Irish?

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  • Oh i thought it was a picture of dirty fly posters littering our good city – my mistake !!

  • Apparently the ‘Northern Irish’ brand name is becoming more common amongst the younger members of ‘usuns’ and ‘themuns’ so that particular member of the artistic community might be Northern Irish. Obviously not at home at the time the work was created.

  • pith

    Let’s leave aside the Wanksys difficulty with lettering as he has at least spelt his abuse properly this time. However if a Pole is a “taig” surely he has come home already.

  • Well John i’m saving a blog about that for another time. Sure send in a FOI to see how much the council is spending on that particular problem.
    This however is far more insidious and hateful…feel free to condemn it or would that be anti protestant?

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Can the Polish Prods stay?

  • Using the same vernacular that’d be Polish ‘Huns’ wouldn’t it?

  • McAtilla the Hun is from Mayo – Mac an tseimhdile.

  • Nordie Northsider

    Interesting word, ‘Taig’, first cousin of the Scottish ‘Tim’.
    I wonder did the dreadful John McKeague ever ponder the meaning of his surname, Mac Thaidhg. ‘John son of Taig’.

  • Dec

    Taig exclusively refers to Irish Catholics so this makes as much sense as ‘French Krauts go home’. Though I enjoy Moochin’s suggestion that those of us who were born favouring the left foot have started referring to ourselves as ‘Northern Irish Catholics’ now. We salute you NILT Survey!

  • Johnny Boy

    My to do list…

    I’ve got some Mr. Sheen, all I need now is a couple of dusty Catholics and a bus ticket.

  • Would SF’s Gerry Kelly call himself a ‘North of Irish’ Catholic? He’s probably still not too comfortable with the Northern Ireland label.

  • Sam

    Hee Hee!

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    “Taig exclusively refers to Irish Catholics…”

    Not exclusively Dec far from it, bigots from these parts (Scotland and Ireland) have used it far and wide to denote Catholics.

  • Jimmy McGurk

    I like how you constantly return to the issue of sectarian graffiti. Your photos force me to pause and consider, when while on the street it is too easy to let one’s eyes just ‘slide’ over it.

  • Alan Maskey

    The artist does have a point. Poish Taigs are hard workers and that must stick in the very big gut.

  • Greenflag

    Not many stayed in Poland apparently . They were eh ‘tainted’ by the German connection in West Prussia . The majority of Poles in historical times associated their ‘protestants’ with ‘disloyalty’ to Poland . Subsequent history particlarly post world war 1 led to an ‘exodus’ of Polish calvinists and protestants to Germany . Not easy being portrayed as a scapegoat is it as any German jew in the Weimar Republic would attest !

    Leave the Poles alone say I and make them welcome ! The day will come when we will need them more than they will need us 🙂

  • Greenflag

    Actually there are French ‘Krauts’ and many still speak German as their first language in Alsace . Towns still have their original German names .

    Now that Northern Irish Catholic has become common and acceptable currency then surely Northern Irish Protestant can’t be far behind which happy coincidence beckons a reemergence of the old joke told in Dublin about the ‘nordies ‘ and their master .

    ‘Whats the difference between a Northern Irish Catholic (NIC) and a Northern Irish Protestant (NIP) and an Englishman ?

    Joxer ,

    When you hit the NIC over the head with a sledge hammer you have to tell him to fall down and when you hit the NIP on the head with the same sledge hammer you have to explain to him slowly -very slowly why he must fall down !

    ‘Jem ‘

    ‘And the Englishman what about him ‘?

    Joxer ,

    Ah the poor Englishman well that’s slightly different ‘


    How so ?

    Joxer ,

    “Well when you hit him on the head with the same sledgehammer he says
    ‘Thanks very much mate can you do it again please ?

    Jem ,

    But why thats a mentaller ?

    Joxer ,

    Cos he’s the poor sod who’s been driven crazy paying through the nose for the NICs and NIPs now for a couple of generations with no end in sight 😉

  • Greenflag

    Poles know that the Taiga is in Russia so they probably have been reconfirmed in their belief that knowledge of the geography of Europe beyond Cave Hill is at a low ebb among the Belfast indigenes .

  • I look forward to reading it.

    Why don’t you ask them and you could ask how much they spend on cleaning Graffiti.

    With out a doubt it has to be condemned.

    What i’d like to see you doing is balancing your pictures up – why not go down into Brsyon street and take a picture of the long wall with all the flyers from Dissidents ?

    Just a thought !!

  • All i saw on Bryson Street the other day aside from a police check point was this……

    As regards balance John, i’m not interested in giving the dissidents the oxygen of publicity.
    I do find it interesting that any of the racists scrawls i see are in so called Loyalist areas. I’m more than willing to take a dander around so called Nationalist areas(which i frequently do) but i never see such racism expressed. Perhaps your interest in balance is more to do with not wanting such things to be seen or highlighted, hence your accusations of me being anti protestant. Just a thought.
    Anyone who knows me (and i thought you did) would know that i care not one jot for bigotry,sectarianism or racism and that doesn’t need balance when showing it.

  • Dec


    They, like young Michelangelo above, should use a more accurate, less exclusive umbrella term like ‘papist’.


    I’m pretty sure Gerry just says ‘Irish catholic’, like the rest of us. Of course, you can keep tabs on all things identity-related by following Court of Arbitration for Sport rulings.

  • Well there you go the whole way along the street

    See by constantly posting pictures portraying one side of the community in bad light i feel you or this site need to add some balance or posters like me will feel its becoming biased.

    And i condemn any type of bigotry,sectarianism and racism

  • Alan Maskey

    Is this why the RIR shot those Polish Raigs n Co Antrim? Good to see cross community initatives working.

  • foyle observer

    ‘what about the Northern Irish?’

    where was this photo taken? how can they go home, they’re home.

  • “constantly” ?
    As for all of a community being portrayed in a bad light you know as well as i do that this sort of thing is done by a small minority but once again you are choosing to tarnish me with broad brush strokes. I think you are being disingenuous particularly when you say you “will feel that the site is biased” as you have already stated that on a number of occasions (namely the photos from the field on the 12th).

  • Thanks Jimmy its heartening to think that i am making people look at what is around us.
    It is a real bug bear of mine so you can expect to see more of it…where ever i find it.

  • When i say constantly in the context of you never post any pictures of the so called “small minority” on the other side.

    May you didn’t read my post i said “posters like me will feel its becoming biased” i didn’t say it was biased !!

    Surely your open to a little criticism its nothing personal MP

    Or another way round would be for Mick to agree to allow someone from another section of community to post pictures of the other so called “small minority”

  • Interesting idea that more and more young people are referring to themselves as ‘northern Irish’ Hmm, not sure I like it, but I suppose its understandable. Differences are being seen not just between the Brits and the north, but between the south and the north! Hmm.

    As for the graffiti, an ignorant little gob shite can’t be expected to know any better.

  • ‘Never’ – well heres one showing both sides

    and another showing ‘the other small minority’

    So in my book that seems ‘balanced’!!
    John you really should get your facts right. I certainly can take criticism but only if it is well founded and informed. Try doing a search for ‘photograph of the day’ and come back and tell me what you find.
    These are photos of sectarianism which is a bug bear of mine. They’re not about the dissidents….as i said i’m not interested in giving them the oxygen of publicity.

  • lamhdearg

    I am starting to go of you.

  • lamdhearg

    Were you referring to me?

    Aww, shucks! What did I do…

  • Sammy Morse

    On the other hand, most of the Latvians are actually Iron Rods – rare slip up there, MP!

  • lamhdearg

    your a sweet heart
    if thats not sexist

  • lamhdearg

    There where polish people at windsor on saturday supporting LINFIELD, never assume.

  • Anytime a loyalist in NI tells anyone to go home, it invites the same gut reaction in most nationalists: the loyalists should lead by example. Not right but, if we’re honest, that’s the instinctive reaction.

  • Didlee D O’Squat

    That’s a pretty major reordering of the world you’re advocating. If, as it seems, four hundred odd years in situ does not qualify one as a resident there’s going to be lots of movement eastwards from the USA, for example.

    What will be the local criteria? Simply a religious thing or how one pronounces ‘h’ perhaps? Maybe some skull measurements; how far eyes are apart etc?

    From now you will be known as ‘N.’ Tell me when you’re coming back and I’ll be on the quayside to wave you home.

    Perhaps you can give me a leg-up into the cattle trucks for my journey to resettlement in the East?

  • joeCanuck

    If we’re all to go home Africa is going to be a pretty crowded place.

  • Greenflag

    Not at all JC 😉 Plenty of room in Namibia with only 6 people /sq mile . But keep away from Rwanda where it’s 1,000 people per sq mile about 4 times that of the UK 🙂 Botswana with only 8 per square mile and a much better infrastructure and health care service would be more the thing for British and Irish ‘returnees’ to their ancestral home ;)? I recommend Botswana most highly from personal experience 😉

  • Hopping the Border

    Of course the people you are referring to see themselves as American, seeing as they live in America.

    Those who came to Ireland see themselves as British though.

  • joeCanuck

    Interesting idea but you haven’t really answered the question. How many hundreds of years do you have to live in a country to be considered permanent residents? Does using the “B” word disqualify you?

  • Didlee D O’Squat


    So these ‘Americans’ are they Arapaho, Sioux or perhaps Nez Perce? Or is it possible that they define themselves as a different kind of American?

    Now as for me; born in Northern Ireland I’m comfortable with calling myself ‘Irish’. My passport tells me I’m a British subject and I’m very happy about that.

    Having worked in Ethiopia for some time I’ll follow Joe’s logic and if we’re all to ‘go back home’ I’ll say ‘hi’ to ‘Lucy’ again and try to be a good Habasha.

  • Alan Maskey

    One million French left Algeria. So, if one million Johnny Adairs move to Bolton and Scotland, problem solved (for the Irish).

  • Alan Maskey

    No way should Irish people be openly advocating the eviction of Irish people from Ireland.

    If a million of more moved to England they would be absorbed no problem. The loss would be Ireland’s,

    It sometimes seems to me that there are some people determined to turn Ireland into some kind of Pariah state.

  • Didn’t mean to offend. I regard you as already home, not that you need my permission etc. I was taking a dig at a certain loyalist element who claim Ulster for themselves and all others out. They only invite the comment I made.

  • Still awaiting on my post being moderated but it has 9 links to your pictures on here involving Loyalist overtones compared to just one Nationalist picture.

    There the facts speak for themselves MP

  • Well theres the thing John it’s as you say all about ‘perception.
    It’s never fails to amuse me the defensive nature of people particularly when faced with things that they don’t like being highlighted.
    I’ll concede that i forgot about the 12th photos in particular the face painted girls photo, however i don’t see you asking for the PSNI to remove photos of underage rioters in Ardoyne which might conceivably endanger them also. But hey they’re not one of your own so thats alright then John…no need for balance there eh?
    Football fans with a bucky……FFS do i need to go to the new Aviva stadium at the next Republic match in the interest of balance?
    Interface hood shot was and is about interface trouble that it was taken from Castlereagh Street makes not one bit of difference if it was taken from Mountpottinger it would still be about wee scrotes causing trouble.
    Clutching at straws with the colourful pavement shot if that is unbalanced…’two shades of green’ is a clue to what i was getting.
    Berating the police was a shot of a protest plain and simple and considering the atrocious weather that day it was one of only a handful that i could use to illustrate it.
    The flags shot is an issue for all of us but i havent seen a tricolour in such a state let alone have i been able to get my hands on one but feel free to point me in the direction of one if you know of one.
    Just as a writer will write about what they know i will document what i see in the environment i live and it just so happens i live over East so if i post shots that i see so be it.
    As i’ve said before dont shoot the messenger, i’m not making any of this stuff up its what i see on a daily basis and i do think that if we are products of our environment it should be looked at. The sectarian content of some of my photos may make for uncomfortable viewing for some but thats tough shit……if you don’t like it do your bit to eradicate it.
    All i’m trying to do is to open up debates and raise questions. Apparently that is unbalanced but i think by raising such an issue of balance it says more about your own biases than it does about my own. Frankly i think there is a bit of ‘whataboutery’ in this perceived imbalance.

  • Greenflag

    ‘problem solved (for the Irish).’

    Quite the opposite . The first new problem would be a wipe out of property values for all those Irish ‘remaining ‘ in Northern Ireland and by extension those in the Republic . The second ‘new’problem would be the drop in overall demand for goods and services which would create even more unemployment both north and south of the border . The third problem would be the fast degradation of empty residential and commercial centres and the negative impact such would have on any nascent tourist industry . The Glens of Antrim and the Giant’s Causeway may be picturesque but who wants to visit such places if you first have to pass through an economic and residential wasteland ?

    Any United Ireland brought about by such means would not be worth the cost and would bring about more problems than it solved -but you know that anyway don’t you ? At least I f***king hope so !

  • Hopping the Border


    Similar to NE I didn’t mean to cause offence – I just thought it was an interesting comparison.

    American is of course a construct of the settlers, they do not see themselves as British or as members of any of the indigenous tribes.
    In this part of the world no such new national identity was created – there is no such thing as a northern irish citizen (or subject), at best it is a regional identity gradually being accepted by some.

    As regards the British/Irish question, you say you are comfortable calling yourself Irish.

    In that case (and without any offence intended) which would you say describes you best:
    (a) you are an Irish man happy to be living under British rule
    (b) you are a British man happy to call himself Irish by virtue of the fact your family has established roots here over four centuries?

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    Please God naw! Huv we know goat enough ae yon atavistic swine here as it is?

    On this occassion I would only be too happy to let our English friends take precedence in facilitating said influx.

  • MP let me repeat something i condemn any type of bigotry,sectarianism and racism no matter what side it comes from – i’m sure anyone who knows me will tell you that.

    I’ll leave at that readers can make their own minds up about the balance the facts are there 9 to 1

    Again its not personal

  • Didlee D O’Squat


    If only it were as simple as Joyce’s Bloom suggested when he said that a “nation is the same people living in the same place.”

    You know as well as I that the question you pose is loaded with words that have taken on pejorative meanings. Take ‘nation’ for example; having been born in Ireland I can claim to be part of the ‘Irish Nation’, yet I am a unionist and regard myself to be part of the ‘British Nation’. Nationality it seems to me is best when it is not defined by ‘Nationalists’, of any hue.

    Do I consider myself to be ‘Irish’? Yes I do; but I suspect that I do not give the fact that I was born on the island of Ireland the same weight and value as you may do. Why? Because in my opinion it has become to be defined in a particular exclusive way that is to me an anathema. To me my Irishness is a geographical reality pertaining to my birth. It has little impact on my world view although I accept that it does flavour my cultural background. It does not make me feel any less part of, or semi-detached from, the rest of the British (political) nation. Having said that I am nevertheless happy to have been born Irish.

    Now as to “living under British Rule”. That to me is pure Republican-speak. Does someone living in Cork think of themselves as living under Irish Rule? I don’t think so.

    Technically it may be so but to couch it in those terms presents the political position of Northern Ireland as imposed from outside. As I’ve already noted I regard myself as a fully paid up member of the UK. I am not a vassal of the Crown simply happy in my serfdom.

    It is generous of you to consider me “established” in Northern Ireland. Are you too so “established”? Perhaps you regard yourself as somewhat more native than me? I am always amused by Irish Nationalists’ views in this regard.

    To me it is nothing more than a put-down, a way of diminishing the other. I am however intrigued enough to ask when was the date of the Establishment of the Irish? The date from when anyone arriving afterwards is regarded as some kind of blow-in? Pre or post Vikings, the Normans’ arrival perhaps?

    Anyway to return to your question. Neither (a) or (b). As America has already been touched on lets go there for a definition; call me a proud hybrid, British-Irish if you like.