Photograph of the day – Floral Tribute

Floral tribute to Alex Higgins .

The pedant in me thinks that the plastic tip should have been taken off the pool cue. Then again it seems apt somehow.

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  • Canny See It Sur

    In a reference to my own name I can’t really see it sur. It’s a bit over exposed towards the top I think but I reckon it’s just a normal cue tip for a pool cue and not generally wrong to be there. The man played a fair bit of pool as well as snooker.

    I recall the day that the rumour went around Derry that Alex Higgins was playing pool with the locals in a bar in Muff (village in Donegal) for a tenner a game. He wasn’t beaten and with each tenner he scooted across the road to the bookies to place a bet between games.

    It’s a loss to the game of snooker surely, but the sadness in his life was brought upon himself.

  • edgeoftheunion

    Just been to see ‘Dancing Shoes’ at the GOH. It is worth going to see for the Best/Higgins scene alone.