The family of Crossmaglen man Charlie Armstrong who went missing in 1981 has been told his remains have been located.

Confirmation of the discovery of the bones of a male in County Monaghan came this afternoon.

The independent commission for the location of victims said this evening that it has notified the Armstrong family, the Garda, and the state pathologist in the Republic of Ireland.

Mr. Armstrong disappeared after leaving home for mass.

He hasn’t been seen since. Mystery surrounded his disappearance.

No one has accepted responsibility for his fate.

Gerard Evans another Crossmaglen also disappeared two years earlier. Eamonn Mallie

  • HeinzGuderian

    El Beardo not available for comment ?? 🙁

  • sdelaneys

    He will be , though, as he has been to see Mrs Armstrong a couple of times and made statements calling for information following faithfully the line that his local friends knew nothing about the death and disappearance of Charlie.

  • socaire

    Why didn’t the know-alls go to the police with their valuable information/insights 30 years ago?

  • Alan Maskey

    The South Armagh IRA gave the terrorist occupiers a real rul for their money, inflicting well lover 150 fatalities and suffering less than ten thesmelves. Well done to the Undertaker, Surgeon et al. Interestingly, in the context of this welcome thread, most of the IRA fatalities were killed by….the IRA.

  • Socaire!

    I have wondered about that myself and, after careful thought, Im leaning toward the idea that it may have been the first known case of mass Stockholm syndrome…

    I hope any one who may have been involved in this and how ever ‘high’ (putrid in some cases) they have risen, they have the decency to STFU now.

  • Alan Maskey

    ‘most of the IRA fatalities were killed by…the IRA.’

    A deeply religious person should tell the truth! It was murder! and you know it.

    And no Im not saying the Brits didnt murder people too, just that they usually did it to the enemy, the IRA were no so selective…

  • Alan Maskey


    Gerry Adams is out of the trap saying there is no proof this was a PIRA job. How this guy sickens me. If the SAS did not do it, PIRA would have known. This small area with a smallish population was their turf.

    Looks like Seamas Ruddy will be the last body (we can forget Nairac). Ruddy was a nice, polite guy. Just like Gino Gallagher, another fine man who “did the state some service”.

  • vanhelsing

    Can someone explain why these people are called ‘The disappeared’ and not ‘The Murdered’.

    Perhaps I’m wrong – whenever the IRA murder Brits it’s attributed to ‘the struggle’ and they are legitimate targets.

    Whenever the IRA murder Catholics and dump the body somewhere – they have bloody disappeared!!

    How that lady can even stomach the smell of Adams whenever the dogs in the street know his people did it…

    Oh and it was because he wouldn’t give the volunteers his car right….An honest, decent, hard working RC fellow and the IRA murder him and dump the body – suppose it all contributes to the struggle in some way – duh

    Why aren’t the SDLP helping/lobbying/engaging with these people, why give the Shinners who were responsible for it in the first place the airbrush time???

    Maskey don’t bother to reply – I find your stench un-nerving even at a keyboard….

  • vanhelsing

    I completely agree, right up to the sentence about Alan Maskey, everyone is entitled to ‘see the light’.

    I must add in defense of the lady, you forget where this happened and where the lady probably still lives…

  • Alan Maskey

    Vanhelsing: Nice rhetorical flourish there. What is your problem? Seamas Ruddy? Gallagher and the three UVF goons he dispatched? Or do you just want this corner of a foreign website to be forever Orange?

  • vanhelsing


    I’m aware it’s in downtown SA:) I’m not knocking her – don’t get me wrong – I just don’t understand her – they murder her husband and she appears on TV with them…

    Re Maskey – have you read some of this guys hate filled, bigoted diatribe? Others can waste time on him…

  • vanhelsing

    That’s the problem for many people in the north, they cannot take sides for where are they to go? and it’s possible, after so many years believing in the cause, seeing the lies for what they are now is too difficult. Do you think the murderers ignored her, or do you think they turned up offering condolences and anything they could do to help her situation?

  • Alan Maskey


    I see Charlie Armstrong got buried fro the second time today. I suppose McGuinness, Murphy and Adams were too busy to attend, what with the wankathon protest in London, the fly fishing in Dinegal and the telly back in Belfast.

  • Dixie

    An article by Suzanne Breen on the disappearance of Gerard Evans and Charlie Armstrong….


  • I hope Mr Armstrong’s family find comfort in knowing he is now at rest, and I hope he will indeed rest in peace.

    A thoughtful comment Alan only slightly marred by the outspoken and possibly pointless jibe at those I hope had the decency to be notably absent.

  • Dixie

    I read your link and cried for a young man in such a situation.

    Suzanne Breen writes well, she knows which buttons to push and she succeeded with me. She would not do so with the politically blinkered, however much or well she writes…

  • Alan Maskey

    ll written Breen article. I particularly liked this bit in the Breen article:
    Gerry Adams later stated: “The IRA has said that it is not responsible for the disappearance of Charlie Armstrong or Gerard Evans. Anyone with information on these two men should come forward to me or to their families.”

    People should, in short, go to Gerry Adams who wqas never in the IRA and who never disappeared anyone, especially mothers of ten.