“À la Bastille!”, again.

With apologies to Pierre Ranger…  But it’s a tradition!

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  • Greenflag

    Vive La France :)))

    Mireille Mathieu at her best for the day that’s in it .


    And if you think the Irish Anthem in translation is somewhat ‘aggressive’ then have a look at the French one .


    The French Revolution is ongoing and it’s spirit is needed even more today in the west than it was 230 years ago 😉

    On behalf of association of complimentary Guillotine Services for degenerate and usurious bankers and the parasitic class of financial services thieves and scoundrels and corrupt politicians who serve them at the expense of the people !!!

  • william wilberforce

    There were Six (6) in the Bastille when it was,ermm,liberated !!!!

  • Greenflag

    The power of myth over reality . Symbol over actuality .etc etc . People everywhere respond to mythology with a . Take a close look at the Orange Order or the AOH

    If the French Revolution went to excess then it was a response to the previous excesses of an aristocratic degenerate minority along with a corrupt Catholic Church both of which were out of touch with the people .

    Not exactly similar to today’s world but not entirely dissimilar either . Our ‘rulers’ today whether in the UK or USA or ROI are in the pockets of a very small extremely wealthy minority who preside over an economic system with increasing income gaps between the few and the many .

    If it ends ‘badly’ via the guillotine or uncivil wars within nations or world war between nations or through widespread systemic collapse we’ll not blame the Friedmans or Greenspans or Bushes or Thatchers or Reagans etc etc will we ?

    We’ll blame the new ‘Robespierres’ whoever they might be ?

    In a world where half the amount of worldwide defence spending is being spent by the USA and where ‘bankrupt ‘ Greeks purchase ‘submarines ‘ from the Germans and where ‘democracy’ is being exported to Afghanistan ? then any ‘neutral ‘ observer can only reiterate that those whom the Gods (that old mythology again) wish to destroy etc etc .

    Just slightly off topic and immediatley to my right under Eamonn Mallie’s piece , Dr Brian Kenneway a more charitable commentator uses the word ‘imprudent’ to describe the triumph of irrational mythos over reason and tolerance .

  • Alan Maskey

    The French national anthem is a well written jingle.Its authro was a mercenary peddle of jingles.
    Of the six in the Bastille, one was an irishman by all accounts; another was the Marquis de Sade, who joined Robespierrer’s faction on liberation. Who is the Provies’ de Sade: Rose Dugdale? The Provies seemed to go for de sades with a bit of skirt: upper class mistresses, perhaps.

    There was a recent bpook published, excorigating the role of ther French in World War 11. Certainly, their rapes at Monte Cassino would have put even a Loyalist to shame. By all acounts, the French gave a good account of themsleves: but mostly fighthing the Allies.
    They were lucky in that, with Germany’s defeat, Uncle Sam elevated them to stop the Soviet advance. Poland, for whom the war was fought, fared slightly worse.