Londonderry SF councillor still confused

Sinn Féin councillor, Maeve McLaughlin, who doesn’t believe Londonderry [And Northern Ireland? – Ed] is still part of the UK, is now complaining that she can’t search the National Archives of Ireland for ‘Derry’.  As the Derry Journal reports

Sinn Féin councillor Maeve McLaughlin said a number of local people had raised concerns about the website.

“I was contacted by a constituent this week who had read in the local press that the National Archives of Ireland had a new online facility which provided details of the household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911

“They decided to go online and check out details on their family history but were slightly surprised when they went to check details about Derry that they had to enter Londonderry in the search engine. In the section entitled Ireland in the early 20th century it gives details on the history of cities such as Belfast, Dublin, Waterford but Derry is not included,” she said.

Colr. McLaughlin called on the owners of the site to change the search terms. “I understand the material being entered on this site may be a work in progress but I find it strange that a city with as much history and culture as Derry is not on there already. I would urge the National Archives of Ireland to review the content of the site as soon as possible. This web site is used by the Irish diaspora across the world and as reference point and a very important educational tool,” she said.

In the interests of accuracy, and education, it’s worth pointing out that the website allows users to search the censuses by county name – not by city name – from a pre-defined list.

And here’s the ‘Ireland in the early 20th Century’ online exhibition she’s complaining about – only 6 cities are included 2 cities, Belfast and Dublin, are included specifically. The other entries are for counties Galway, Waterford, Kerry and Cork.

Btw, Londonderry will find out on July 15th whether its bid to become the UK City of Culture for 2013 has been successful…

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  • Jeff

    Idiot, all she needs to do is search by county.

  • feismother

    She got airtime on Radio Foyle about it yesterday. She seems to have missed that there’s no Laois and Offaly either but King’s County and Queen’s County. You’ll not find Dun Laoghaire or Cobh or O’Connell Street either.

    The person from the National Archives dealt with her very well, I thought. We’re lucky that in these straitened times this has all been put online and available for nothing.

  • Brasco

    Didn`t know there was a Londonderry council!!!!!!!

    So has Derry council changed its name?

  • old school

    Maybe the Bible should be re-written and describe Babylonia as Baghdad for the simple minded who don’t know what a historical document actually is.

  • Cynic

    Ah…the next Education Minister perhaps?

  • “only 6 cities are included.”

    I think that should be 5, Pete, as Kerry isn’t a city.

  • Sam

    What a sad sad person. How can we plan a future with a group of people who are unable to accept the reality of the past never mind the present?

  • Pete Baker


    I’ve corrected the text to note that only 2 cities are actually included specifically.

    The other entries cover counties Galway, Waterford, Kerry and Cork.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Bless wee Maeve maybe one day she’ll find something useful to do.

  • Brian Walker

    It’s a great website – she’s missing a lot if she refuses to recognise the title for the city and/or county. Wonderful for reviewing family roots. . She should take a little comfort from the fact that people of my age who have to submit their parents’ pre-1921 birth details have to enter “Londonderry, Ireland.”

  • Cynic

    Re the City of Culture, do remember that she opposed the bid as it was too much linked to the UK. I assume she missed out the ‘European’ bit in the application form.

    Does anyone know if she has ever actually been out of Derry? I assume not as from her stance she would probably have trouble finding her way home again. Conor still hasn’t converted all those signposts to Irish!

  • feismother

    The nice lady explained to Maeve that they had done the cities with the highest populations at the time and Kerry was featured as an example of a rural community. There are plans to do a piece on Derry, finances permitting, in the near future.

  • slug

    She does seem to be one of the less broadminded SF councillors.

  • J Kelly

    cynic i dont know what form you are referring to but Derry applied for the UK City of Culture not European. Maybe its the cynic in you that when it comes to SF you just take a free boot.

  • SDLP Man

    Brainless gesture politics of the most banal kind.

  • joeCanuck

    I’ll take a risk and assume that she is an intelligent woman; unfortunately that leaves her as one who likes the sound of her own mischievous voice. But maybe I assume too much and she is actually stupid.

  • Dec

    It must be embarrassing when you start a thread about some SF councillor being, well, you know, thick, and then start referring to Kerry as a city.

  • “it’s worth pointing out that the website allows users”

    to search for a family name not just by county from a drop down list but also by townland/street and district electoral division. The site can also be searched under a range of other headings such as religion, occupation and specified illnesses. There’s no shortage of transcription errors and it will take some time to correct these. It’s also often necessary to consider alternative spellings for family and other names.

  • Cynic

    Nawww….. I take a free boot at all of them…hence the name. But I stand corrected on this one.

  • The Raven

    I’m hoping that Maeve can take up a lot of her time complaining to the other international websites with dropdown lists – for example, eBay – which also only “use” Londonderry.

  • billy

    Is this the Slugger O’Toole site?

    For a minute there I thought I’d stumbled upon a site for political no-marks and snidey, jealous anti-SF nobodies.


  • Derry-Londonderry was the application to UK City of Culture.

  • Anyone else sometimes think that NI politicians have a tendency to deliberately seek out offence?

  • o’connor

    A SF councillor shows how little she has to do and how intolerant she is, never mind, look on the bright side, at least this one is not the Minister for Education.

  • Alan Maskey

    Speaking of history, how many of us miss the good old Londonderry days, goose stepping around the walls and throwing pennies into the Fenians down below? Happy days.

  • Cynic

    Now now Alex, be fair.

    The OOs only link to the Nazis was in fighting them. It was SF and the IRA that cozied up in the hopes of Hans helping with the dirty work of reunification so all the goose stepping is with your lot my friend

  • Colin Carberry

    O give over, Baker, your narcissistic repressed little love affair with Gerry Adams & Sinn Fein is truly nauseating. Come on, own up.

  • Alan Maskey

    Cynic: You are probably busy this time of the year, what with Orange marches and midnight visits to GAA halls etc. But:
    1. The goose step is an old military tradition, practiced inter alia by the former GDR and USSR troops. The Nazis did not have a monopoly on it.
    2. I presume you are referring to Sean Russell’s U Boat. How many people in Ireland or Britain were killed or wounded by weapons on that boat?
    3. If the Nazis did not exist, we would have to invent them. Read Koestler’s Wretched of the Earth. The Nazis ended up fighting a number of fascists, including fascist Greece.
    4. Paisley et al did precious little fighting. On this point, I watched the BBC debate of some months’ back with Nick Griffin, BNP leader and OO friend. Griffin quite validly pointed out that his da fought the Nazis, whole Jack Straw’s pop was interned as a conscientious objector. Some black Tory Muslim peer also piped up that her da also fought the Kraut and that that meant all Muslims should be able to live in Britain.
    In fact: what Griffin’s da did has no bearing on Griffin. Ditto with the opportunistic Muslim lady (whose da was most likely working an Islamic angle by taking the Saxon shilling). Straw’s da probably had some scruples, something he didn’t pass on.
    As regards your wee corner of the world: why did the OO attack Catholic ex servicemen in Belfast at the end of the Great War and deny them employment? Could it have something to do with Belfast confetti and throwing pennies in off Derry’s walls as you goose stepped around them?

  • HeinzGuderian

    One wonders if Mauve insists on using Oirish,when redirected to a Bombay call centre ?? One would be very interested to find out !! 🙂

    On second thought,one really couldn’t give a Londonderry !!! :O)

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Ooops, Heinz. Maybe you should stay in your Panzer when we’re hearing about Unionism’s anti-fascist credentials.

  • Wherzegone

    Does anyone know what has happened to the “Ulster’s Doomed” blog? There have been no new entries for > 5 weeks.

  • abucs

    Maybe Maeve can ask her local SDLP MP to take up the matter at Westminster. That seems to be the place where all the big issues get discussed. 😮

  • Jean Meslier

    Don’t forget the Concentration Camps Heinzy!

  • SDLP Man

    Alan Maskey

    So you think Arthur Koestler wrote ‘Wretched of the Earth’, do you? False memory syndrome. Try Franz Fanon. Koestler wrote ‘Darkness at Noon’.

    The 30s and 40s Irish “republican” movement was steeped in fascism, and I recommend you to read Hugo Hamilton’s ‘The Speckled People for an insight into the mindset of some particularly unpleasant people in the Ireland of the time. People like Pearse and Connolly, despite some admirable personal qualities, had no time for representative democracy.

    The serious point is that communism of whatever variety (Leninist, Stalinist and Trotskyist) and fascism (Nazism, etc), though they purport to, and do, hate each other are two sides of the one coin. They are totalitarian systems, with a contempt for parliamentary/representative democracies, and Hitler and Stalin agreed on one point: first you liquidate the social democrats.

    Cynic has a fair point about WW2, which must be acknowledged. If ever war is justified, fighting Nazism is the best case you can make.

    It’ll be real fun watching the unionist/’republican’ bluster and rationalisation in the coming period 2012-2016 as the unionists try to explain away the Larne gun-running from authoritarian Imperial Germany and the 1916 freaks expostulate on who exactly were the “gallant allies in Europe”.

  • separatesix

    Maeve’s attitude is petty! perhaps they should have tackled the sectarianism and homophobia still present in the city before granting it UK city of culture.

  • Zig70

    Don’t tell her about Discover Ireland website. Has LondonDerry for both city and county. It’s bad enough the mexicans in the south don’t want us but to turn away from the Irish placenames is too much to bear. Not 100% sure but reckon you’ll not find Londonderry in the Irish government website.

  • Mark McGregor

    Well done to the two sectarian feckwits that think this old story is worth commenting on over 6 months later.

  • separatesix

    Mark McGregor are you attending the 12th of July again this year, or was the last one too much for you?