Ad hoc group to seek way forward

The Northern Ireland Executive’s “away day” at Greenmount Agricultural College has come to an end.  And they’ve reportedly agreed to set up a cross-party review group “in a bid to find a way out of the economic crisis facing the Executive.”  According to the BBC report

It is understood ministers were given the full economic and fiscal context of what is happening.

Official sources told the BBC the problems facing the Executive are enormous and on a scale people in NI are “simply not aware of”.

And who’s fault is that?

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  • Cynic

    So the solution is a working group? Is there a timetable? what are the terms of reference? Are we to be told or just expected to wait, pray and not ask intrusive questions?

  • What happened to all those reviews that were meant to have arisen from Hillsborough?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    “And whos fault is that?
    Where have they been?

  • alan56

    What do you think jouralists should be doing that they are not?

  • Munsterview

    All behind closed doors; top civil servants meeting a few top politicians, the public getting drip feed results etc. If there were a committee set up to co-ordinate political cultures North and South it could not be going much better !

  • How inspiring that the issue is framed as representing “an economic crisis for the Executive”. Lucky it doesn’t effect the rest of us, right?

    Of course the real issue here is that the political class with the cumulative economic insight of an gnat are now faced with the need to cut our Sovietised economy. Should be fun watching pass the parcel as the inevitable need to slash the State sector here finally comes about.

  • aquifer

    Are former councillor MLAs more confortable managing bins and bodies? We need hard decisions on redundancies before the assembly election next May.

  • Alias

    No point in waving your begging bowl at other beggars…

  • wild turkey

    … well the kids and i can breath a sigh of relief. another review.

    10 year old son just asked ‘what’s a review, how much does it cost, who does it really benefit and what are the tangible outcomes for society?

    well let’s ‘review’ recent history and see if we can get a handle on these astute questions.

    1. Review of Public Administration
    2. Shared Future Review and Consultation
    3. The Stadium at the Maze
    4. Eames-Bradley Review
    5. Bill of Rights
    6. any other biggies come to mind

    well we are off now to do a rigourous cost-benefit analysis