Photograph of the Day – French Athlete

French dwarf athlete from last years Dwarf Athletics Championship held in Belfast

I’m in the final run up for an exhibition i’m having at the Waterfront Hall so i’ll be posting a few samplers this week.

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  • Good luck with the exhibition MP.

    Break a lens or whatever the appropriate phrase is.

  • Ha…..snap a frame or summat 🙂

    Thanks Articles.

    All welcome 7pm at the Waterfront (main gallery) next monday the 5th.
    1000 + portraits reflecting the changing face of Belfast, diversity and the sharing nature of ‘tinternet.
    Other TtV’ers (Through the Viewfinder) from around the world are sending their work to be hung and the last night the 24th, is TtV Takeaway when you can come down and walk away with a few prints…free.