Photograph of the Day – Breakdown (captions welcome)

So there i was, moochin down the lower Newtownards Rd yesterday afternoon when i spotted two PSNI Landrovers (the second is parked up out of shot on the RHS) and my interest was piqued. As i crossed over the road i saw the officers fumbling to open the bonnet which had me reaching for the camera. As you can see the yellow tow rope had already been produced.

I of course took a couple of shots, this being the second, and the officer on the rhs saw me and told the other two. All three of them turned and the one in the middle took a particularly belligerent stance pointing and wagging his finger at me. I didn’t hear what he said so  I  walked over and asked if there was a problem.

He informed me quite forcefully that i couldn’t take photographs of a Landrover showing the number plate. I replied that actually i could and that the PSNI media policy said so. He was slightly taken aback at that and said that he wasn’t  going to stand in the street arguing about it. I then mentioned that it’s not often you see a broken down Landrover and shrugging my shoulders said hey what else am i going to do but take a photograph. His colleagues saw the funny side of it but i’m not so sure he did but realised that actually there was nothing he could do.

The media policy states that unless they have a court order officers cannot force anyone to delete a photograph(not that he asked me to).

My experience of street photography is that a smile goes a long way so if you should happen to find yourself in a situation such as this try to keep a smile on your face, it really does help.

Anyways it was too good an opportunity to miss.

So have at it as a caption comp  for a bit of craic.

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  • Epl1970

    The officers cursed mr baggots recent change in policy whereby seized dodgy diesel was used to fuel the Psni fleet

  • Niall

    The cops cursed their luck after a long day playing ‘The Greatest Ice Cream Van Melodies Ever, Volume 2’ had left their battery dead.

  • Seosamh

    F**k it. We’ll have to take the bus!

  • PSNI officers looking for the 710 cap.

  • Rory Carr

    ” They’ve nicked the effin’ engine!”

  • Giant tagliatelle thrown at land rover.

  • New terrorist initiative : PSNI officers stop and search one in four vehicles

  • Ian

    “I’m tellin’ ya, there was definitely an engine in here when I parked it!”

  • iluvni

    I always thought it illlegal to park on a double yellow line.

  • photographic evidence that one in four policemen are undercover.

  • Black hole appears in police jeep windscreen. psni are looking into it.

  • 710 cap?
    Whats one of those?

  • I hadn’t thought of that

  • 3. Members of the media have a duty to take photographs and film incidents and we have no legal power or moral responsibility to prevent or restrict what they record. It is a matter for their editors to control what is published or broadcast, not the police. Once images are recorded, we have no power to delete or confiscate them without a court order, even if we think they contain damaging or useful evidence. .. PSNI Media Policy [pdf]

  • Mark McGregor

    And these little piggies didn’t go ‘Nee-naw, nee-naw!” all the way home

  • Look, mate, I told you, this is the rear engined model – this is the boot!

  • Hello moochin

    Type 710 into your calculator and turn it upside down.

  • Police criticise AA response times.

  • Oracle

    P.S.N.I accused of double jobbing

  • Oracle

    Vuvuzela thieves target police sirens

  • Oracle

    D.O.E experts being called in to show PSNI how to get three men staring down a big hole at the same time

  • Oracle

    Newtownards road children left disappointed as local Ice-cream van breaks down

  • Oracle

    Infliction claims to have seen PSNI officers with spanners up their coats

  • Oracle

    B.P deny any knowlege or the newtownards road oil spill

  • Oracle

    Matt Baggot just wants to get his life back

  • Oracle

    P.S.N.I now sponsored by Quick-Fit

  • Oracle

    Police raid nets copy CD’s and a fake Land rover

  • Mrazik

    Has anyone got a pair of tights?

  • Look, I keep trying to phone in our location, but all I can get is Edwin Poots’ office and he can’t make his mind up where we are.

  • Cynic

    Never happened with the RUC

  • Cynic

    PSNI unable to fix engine until van with staff of 6 other staff arrives to fill in local consultation exercise documentation, risk assessment and community impact assessment.

  • Cynic

    Officer on the right “Workshops say has this one a Prod engine or a Catholic engine?”

  • Cynic

    ” Its OK boys. The rioters have agreed to wait ’till we get there. The Shinners are holding a pre riot barbecue and the PUP say there wood on the bonfire’s a bit damp and there’s a big discount on Harp at the Off Licence so it suits them all to hang on for a while.”

  • Cynic

    “Shall we try prayer?”

  • joeCanuck

    Yep; the freaking spare tyre has definitely been stolen. Someone should do something about all this thieving.

  • Comrade Stalin

    mankini, reported stolen, located inside PSNI landrover engine bay

  • Comrade Stalin

    Isn’t that the van from the Northern Bank robbery in the background ?

  • Hello Moochin

    I was down the lower Newtownards Road myself a few hours later and took this photo

    Obviously a four officer problem.

  • HeartoftheEmpire

    There is no such place as the ‘lower’ Newtownards Rtoad. The correct term is the ‘bottom’ of the Newtownards Road, or, better still, Ballymacarrett!

  • HeartoftheEmpire

    There is no such place as the ‘lower’ Newtownards Road. The correct term is the ‘bottom’ of the Newtownards Road, or, better still, Ballymacarrett!

  • Police give thanks to heaven that they made it past the Markets & Short Strand before breaking down without wearing armour.

  • jim

    oil tankers rhymes with something they are

  • Munsterview

    ” No the Shinners are on ceasefire, they are not the ones stole the engine !”

  • “That’s the last time we buy diesel in Armagh.”

  • An Phoblacht Abu

    ‘the engine has been put verifiably beyond use lads’

  • Clanky

    Saville – “We are sure that none of the officers did anything to justify the theft of their engine”

  • ‘the engine has been put verifiably beyond use lads’

    Might I suggest this is an easy winner to this comp.

    Look forward to next week’s comp Moochin, I think you’re onto a winner.

  • Munsterview

    I am not sure…… “That’s the last time we buy diesel in Armagh.” is definitely up there !

  • anotheranon

    There must be a funny caption in there. Have you checked the boot?

  • Phil

    I knew we should have taken advantage of the scrappage deal!