Snap, Craickle and Pop: The Controversy of Popular Gaelicisation

Ever since Ireland was told that the black stuff might not be Irish, but rather a porter stout from Covent Garden, the country has descended into a frantic state of uncertain soul-searching and impassioned reflection to clarify once and for all what is actually ‘Irish’ (potatoes, Gaelic Storm, and Saint Patrick aside).   But now the most quintessentially ‘Irish’ institution of them all is under intense academic scrutiny, the much celebrated notion of ‘the craic’ (and that’s before considering the … Read more

Photograph of the Day – Breakdown (captions welcome)

So there i was, moochin down the lower Newtownards Rd yesterday afternoon when i spotted two PSNI Landrovers (the second is parked up out of shot on the RHS) and my interest was piqued. As i crossed over the road i saw the officers fumbling to open the bonnet which had me reaching for the camera. As you can see the yellow tow rope had already been produced. I of course took a couple of shots, this being the second, … Read more