Geoff’s blog round up…

Great to see blogs going mainstream in the Belfast Telegraph and Geoff is really getting nicely into his stride… What’s better is that the Tele is going with the internet thing… You have to watch the YouTube Fair Deal’s dug up from Nowhere, Alabama…


  • Oracle

    Dale Peterson is fucking brilliant…. lol I’d vote for him TWICE maybe even THREE times

  • Oracle

    The flaunting of the Winchester was awesome, even Lord Saville would have spotted it….

  • Oracle


    He claims to have been a farmer, a policeman, a marine and a businessman did he fail at them all…?
    Was there nothing our Dale was good at?
    And now he wants the public to trust him with $5 billon

    God I hope he gets elected….. outstanding candidate.. just the dogs bollix

  • apollo293867

    Dale is great. He could team up with David Vance. A match made in heaven