Photograph of the Day – Who wants to play?

A Pittbull terrier at Pitt Park off the Lower Newtownards Road

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  • iluvni

    He doesnt look too happy with you.

  • bulmer

    R U lukin done wee fella?

  • Cynic

    Is he Jewish?

  • Neat name link, Moochin. I see £250,000 has been secured for a statue to the esteemed former GP, Dr Pitt. I wonder if the dog will still be around by the time the statue appears.

  • Oracle

    If anybody sees a dog like this in a public park not on a leash and un-muzzled phone the police immediately

    it is illegal and highly dangerous to children

  • al

    It’s not a pitbull though is it. The tail and the face give it away. Probably a cross-breed. Don’t know the law on that though so you may be right Oracle.

  • Cynic

    As with people, it depends on the dog

  • Oracle

    actually guys the law is simple…. no dogs permitted on council property unleashed, furthermore all hunting, guard, or terrier type dogs must be muzzled.

  • thankfully a metal fence was in the way

  • a few weeks back me and maah boy were walking through the Ormeau Park and in a typical innocent 7year olds way he just took off to run up a lil hillock. Problem was that a nearby un leashed dog similar to the one pictured above then took off after maah boy!
    I immediately shouted for him to stop running and to stand still which he did the dog then caught up and jumped up, scratching him (but not drawing blood). The millie, who was supposedly in charge of the dog took her time to get the dog back after guldering a few times at it (which was ignored). I then, without swearing, told her in no uncertain terms that the dog should be on a lead and to get the dog away from maah boy.
    All the time maah boy stood stock still trying not to get caught any further by the dogs nails as it jumped up. For a couple of days after he was shying away from any dogs when they passed him.
    Thankfully nothing did happen but i was extremely angry
    It is dangerous ti have dogs unleashed and running around and 99% of the time the dogs want to get their stick/ball but these hybrid?Heinz 57dogs in particular are really not family friendly no matter what anyone says.

  • actually dog’s temperament depends on the owner

  • joeCanuck

    That’s true MP. There is a popular TV program here where a dog trainer, Cesar Milan, deals with all sorts of troubled and troublesome dogs. He’s always successful but he explains that it is the owners whom he actually trains. Dogs need to know that the owner(s) are the leader of the pack and once the owners have been trained to display the appropriate traits, the dogs are only too happy to be fully compliant with all commands.

  • joeCanuck

    Yes they should. Over here some towns have fenced off areas which are designed as off-leash where dog owners can take their dogs for social interaction with other dogs. Mating, however, is discouraged.