Photograph of the Day – As far as i know you can’t get a ticket for that

or is the traffic warden going undercover pretending to be a lampost?

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  • RepublicanStones

    The warden is taking a note of the fellas bank details as he logs online, can’t trust them wardens.

  • anna29

    He might be getting a ticket for wearing a loud jacket in a built up area! Great capture! right place right moment, priceless!

  • Where’s the warden’s mate? Don’t they hunt in pairs in downtown(?) Belfast?

  • They do normally hunt in pairs here in Belfast but he was on his own

  • Could he be one of these new WiFi wardens who issue tickets to those availing of the services of unsecured wireless networks? “Just a moment, sir, while I slap this ticket on your laptop screen!”