When the flashmobs turn into #cashmobs…

If you don’t already read Rory Sutherland you really should start now. His wiki column in the Spectator is expensive, if you are not that interested in the intricacies of the current centre right government, but you can read his blog at Brand Republic for free.

In particular, this bit on the still latent potential of the Internet struck me as interesting:

…the real promise of collective action will only be realised when there’s money involved as well as time. When flashmobs become cashmobs. Theoretically, one of the greatest improvements in the quality of human life in a generation is already within our reach – it will become possible once we learn to use the internet to enable large groups of people to get together and collectively microfund public goods. This development would also provide a welcome opportunity for consumers to move beyond their obsession with individual acquisition and consumption, and to spend money on a healthy mixture of public and private investments.

For real added value try his TED presentation from last year