Photograph of the Day – ‘Sure the shap’s round the corner’

"Sure the shap's round the corner"

This photo which i took last summer, just won me a 8GB Ipod touch. I entered it in an on-line competition for the Glasgow based Citizens Theatre’s  forthcoming play “One million tiny plays about Britain”. It will be displayed along with the other entries for the duration of the play.


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  • Seimi

    Congrats Moochin!

  • Stephen Barnes

    Congratulations John. Well deserved!

  • anna29

    very well deserved! 🙂

  • joeCanuck

    Agree; well done.

  • Clanky

    Well done, is this the start of Dublin’s pyjama girls spreading to Belfast? 🙁

  • Seimi

    ‘Fraid not Clanky. Pyjama-wearing girls, in full make-up, are a common sight around Belfast. Some have even been observed getting in to taxis to go do their shopping. The look is usually incomplete, unless accompanied by – mobile phone, purse, and 20 Regal.

  • Alias

    What does the title of the photo mean?

    That pic would alarm viewers in the rest of the UK who wouldn’t be familiar with the ‘dress culture’ in the part where it was taken.

    P.S. How much do you want for the iPod? 😉

  • I have heard the phrase ”slummy mummy” used

  • Alias
    I imagined that when the child said i’m in jammies the adult in charge said it….

    Make me an offer 😉

  • RepublicanStones

    The Times had an article a while back on the pyjama phenomenon

    ‘I’ve never worked and I’ve no intention of ever doing so, now give me twenty blue’.

  • There was also the supermarket in Wales that banned people from coming in wearing their jammies. One of the women who was banned was interviewed and complained saying that she always wore her best ones when she nipped round!
    Todays photo was taken in East Belfast and this was taken in the

  • Rabbit

    I hope this child give you permission to use her in a photo.

  • Fortunately we don’t live in France with their draconian laws as regards street photography.
    So no i didn’t ask nor do i need to ask for permission Rabbit

  • Rabbit

    I imagine children in France wear nicer dressing gowns.

  • Mrazik

    I even see some Chinese people down Donegall Pass out in the PJs. At least the little girl’s using the pedestrian crossing.

  • View from Wavertree

    Nice to see pyjama abuse has crossed the Irish Sea.

    Good photo!

  • Alias

    I was just joking about the iPod!

    I also just realised that “shap” is phonetic ‘shop’ so that title makes a bit more sense now.

  • joeCanuck

    And as regards this photo, there is no possibility of identifying the child. Same with the pic of the child sitting on the kerb. So, wise up rabbit.