Lib Cons bring in provision for minority government…

House of COmmons logoInteresting switch in the detail of the new legislation proposed by the Liberal Democrat/Conservative government. The fixed term can actually be thrown out before the five years are up. But not on a simple majority. You have to get 55% to get em out. So Gerry Fitt and Frank Maguire would not have been able to buck Jim Callaghan out in favour of what turned out to be the Thatcher era. David has the detail:

The parties agree to the establishment of five year fixed-term parliaments. A Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government will put a binding motion before the House of Commons in the first days following this agreement stating that the next general election will be held on the first Thursday of May 2015. Following this motion, legislation will be brought forward to make provision for fixed term parliaments of five years. This legislation will also provide for dissolution if 55% or more of the House votes in favour.

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  • Brian Walker

    The 55% threshold applies to a govenment motion of confidence. It is most unlikely to apply to a hostile motion of no confidence moved say by Labour which should remain remain at 50% plus 1. The govenment statement failed to make this clear. It must be clarified by the House authorities and the new Leader.

  • cui bono

    I prefer Con Dem as moniker Mick.

  • Solitude

    ConDem works, but for NI as well as the rest of the UK this will be a very CoLD governmental experience

    ’tis an ill wind ….