A hung Parliament? What then?

Opinion polls over the last few weeks suggest that no parliamentary party will have an overall majority in the Westminster parliament; we will have a ‘hung parliament’. What then are the consequences? Who will govern, and how? It’s useful to go back a few steps in the process. Each constituency votes for a member to represent them in parliament using the first past the post system; there is only one MP per constituency. The MP may be a member of … Read more

After the Election: The Hung Parliament Party

Perhaps it’s time for another prediction competition: How long before this embedded video shows the message ‘This video has been removed by the author’ when you click ‘play’? Catch it while you can… Paul EvansLiving in London but working all over Britain and Ireland. A left-leaning Labour Party member and blogger. I’m on twitter as @paul0evans1 and I blog mainly at the Local Democracy blog though I’m in lots of other places as well. I’m a massive fan of Google … Read more

Lib Cons bring in provision for minority government…

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Interesting switch in the detail of the new legislation proposed by the Liberal Democrat/Conservative government. The fixed term can actually be thrown out before the five years are up. But not on a simple majority. You have to get 55% to get em out. So Gerry Fitt and Frank Maguire would not have been able to buck Jim Callaghan out in favour of what turned out to be the Thatcher era. David has the detail: The parties agree to the … Read more