West Tyrone – the Deeny factor

With Kieran Deeny not running the constituency returned the best performances for three parties (in terms of increased percentage):

Pat Doherty (SF) – +9.5%
Thomas Buchanan (DUP) – +2.0%
Ross Hussey (UCUNF) – +7.3%

Even the SDLP managed their 2nd best % improvement here:

Joe Byrne (SDLP) – +4.9%

Anyone care to speculate on what if anything can be deduced about Deeny’s vote from this?

ADDS: I know some will get cross at me doing this (not comparing like with like) but if you translate all those percentage increases into numbers for this election – 1,700, 150, 385, 260 and then add the Alliance and Independent votes – 859 & 508 you get 3,862. Which is pretty close to Deeny’s vote of 3,776 in the last Assembly election.