Turnout statistics form – please complete

Further to Mick’s ‘call to action‘, there will be numerous threads throughout polling day for discussion on turnouts.

We have created the form below to ensure we can quickly process figures and generate overviews as we go. The information will be used to assist Slugger predictions during this and future elections and inform discussions. It relies on your contributions to build a broad picture.

If you are gathering turnout data please take a little time out to input it via the form. Thanks in advance.

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  • G O’Neill

    Mark you should get some sleep I have a feeling your going to have a busy few days!

  • Mark McGregor

    Sleep? I’m working on spreadsheets!

  • mfbailey

    Are you happy with 0,0,0 for any box numbers we are not inputting, i.e. for those of us in the sticks with only 2 boxes to report.