Ulster backs the outsider Clegg…

Hmmm… According to the Belfast Telegraph, Northern Ireland wants the Lib Dems ahead of the Tories… way head of Labour…

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  • slug

    Lib Dems should stand here, since Alliance don’t take their whip.

  • Rory Carr

    Nick Clegg – the man who famously decared, “I am not a man of faith, but my wife is.” Which is all very odd unless it be interpreted as a Freudian slip – which of course is something to which I would never stoop – not being a LibDem myself.

    But this news comes as somewhat of a shock when we consider that the NI electorate is fond of referring to itself as “the most politically sophisticated electorate in the British Isles/ the UK/ Europe/ the Western Hemisphere/ the Northern Hemisphere/ the World – take your pick.

    What ever can have suddenly reduced them all to a state of political infantilism?

    After listening to it daily for the past few monthsI blame the Nolan Show myself.

  • unionistvoter

    no doubt the BelTel will call the election on Tuesday which appears to be based on analysis of 150 voters per constituency. hope they highlight the margin of error on that.

  • slug

    Ulster has a Liberal tradition. Perhaps if Lib Dems really do break through the local Lib Dems could try to do as the Greens have under Agnew and put up a presence. its time to revive the Liberal party in Ulster.

  • Garza

    Slug I would love a chance to vote for the Lib Dems as a liberal myself. I will never vote alliance though, partly because of their arrogance and pretencious behaviour and partly for their treatment of Sean Neeson whom is a family friend.

    So a vote for the Conservatives it is.

  • SammyMehaffey

    Yes the conservatives have to be the ones to vote for if you want non-sectarian real politcs even though their Big society and start your own school is a load of nonsense.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Wouldnt they have to get elected to take the Lib Dem whip?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I foresee an Alliance landslide……they are sweeping all aside in Fermanagh South Tyrone.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Yes I remember Shelagh Murnahan and Senator Claude Wilton and er………..

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Yep Neeson managed to get shafted by his own party in East Antrim.
    Wheres John Matthews now anyway?
    Obviously East Antrim is changed by bringing in some of North antrim and that should produce a safe Nationalist quota. That will bring down the AP percentages there. And Gerry Lynch looked scary in the PEB.
    Their share in East Antrim will drop from 16% to around 8%.

  • Garza

    Tell me about it fitz! Sean was treated very badly. In the last assembly election they actually put him 2nd on the alliance candidates in EA – after all the work he has done for EA!! Thankfully the electorate chose Alliances second choice than its first. Sean is retiring aft the next assembly election I think.

    Yeah the AP’s vote will go down here. AP always punched above their weights here because of Sean’s personal vote. Sean is well known here and is well liked. No-one knows who Gerry Lynch is.

    Don’t think even with the boundary changes, nationalists will get enough votes to make the quota.

    EA is not natural SF territory. The catholics here are affluent and strange people lol. I mean there is a catholic family around the corner from me who host a 12th July bbq for all the neightbours lol. There are lots of catholic unionists here and they all tend to vote AP rather than SDLP or SF and even nationalists tend to vote AP here.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Alliance Party always do well in places where nationalists cant cobble together a quota. Its the least bad option in places like North Down and East Antrim.
    Danny O’Connor SDLP DID slip under the unionist radar in 1998 but that produced a mini anti-Catholic pogrom in Larne.
    The boundary changes will produce a nationalist seat.
    In Strangford it will also produce a nationalist seat.
    Possibly AP will lose out in both constituenies.
    No great loss.
    Either way for prediction purposes East Antrim is probably the seat where AP will lose mor precentage points than anywhere else.
    Gerry Lynch not going to have the glowing political career he thought he would have.