ICC World Twenty20 2010

Ireland’s honourable performance in last year’s tournament may be a dim, and happy, memory but tonight they face this year’s Twenty20 Cricket World Cup host’s, the West Indies, under floodlights at Providence, Guyana – start time 1700 local (2100 GMT/2200 BST). As the BBC preview notes, the opening game will see New Zealand take on Sri Lanka (1800 BST).

It’s a return to the scene of Ireland’s breakthrough in world cricket, the 2007 World Cup, and the Guardian has a good article on Ireland’s ambition and the investment in the game, and players, here since then – there’s also a team guide. Cricinfo has a good preview and will host their usual live scorecard.  The will also be live radio coverage on TMS.

Ireland’s Trent Johnston is making the right noises, but the West Indian captain, Chris Gayle, was in form during the recent IPL season and they’ll be difficult to beat.  As the Guardian points out

West Indies have the firepower in all departments to beat the best teams and will rely on boisterous home support to give them a boost.

Still, we can always hope for a repeat of that 1969 game…

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  • Pete Baker

    New Zealand [just] win the opening game with a 6 off the penultimate ball of the match with 2 wickets to spare.

  • Pete Baker

    Chris Gayle’s not playing for Windies!

    Stand-in captain Dwayne Bravo won the toss and elected to bat.

    You can pick up the radio coverage here

    West Indies 9 for 0 from 2 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Chanderpaul Out! Caught Wilson Bowled Rankin

    Windies 19 for 1 from 3 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 37 for 1 from 5 overs.

  • Pete Baker

    Bravo out!

    Caught & bowled Cusack

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 43 for 2 from 5.2 overs.

  • Pete Baker

    Make that 43 for 2 from 6 overs.

    Power play ends.

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 52 for 2 from 8 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 63 for 2 from 9 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 69 for 2 from 10 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Opener Fletcher out!

    Caught O’Brien Bowled Dockrell

    Windies 77 for 3 from 11.2 overs

    There’s still a couple of danger men but the chance is there.

  • Pete Baker

    But one those dangermen, Sarwan, is out!

    Caught Wilson Bowled Dockrell

    2 wickets for Dockrell – youngest player in tournament!

    Windies 78 for 4 from 12 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Another wicket!

    Ramdin caught behind. Bowled Rankin

    Windies 83 for 5 from 13 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 90 for 5 from 14 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 92 for 5 from 15 overs

    If they can keep the run rate down…

  • Pete Baker

    Another wicket for the 17 year-old Dockrell!

    That’s 3 wickets for 16 runs from 4 overs.

    Deonarine caught N O’Brien bowled Dockrell.

    Windies 93 for 6 from 16 overs

    Game on!

  • Pete Baker

    Expensive over [14 runs] by Rankin

    Windies 107 for 6 from 17 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Windies 125 for 6 from 18 overs

    Pollard and Sammy building a target.

  • Pete Baker

    Dangerous batsman Pollard out!

    Caught and bowled Botha for 8 runs.

    Windies 125 for 7 from 18.1 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Sammy follows him. Out!

    Caught Porterfield Bowled Botha for a respectable 30 runs.

    Windies 127 for 8 from 18.3 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Final over.

    Windies 130 for 8 from 19 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Rampaul caught Botha bowled Rankin off the final ball.

    That’s the end of the West Indies’ 20 overs.

    Total – 138 for 9. Target for Ireland – 139.

    Ireland will be very pleased with that. But New Zealand were chasing 135 and only just made that.

  • Pete Baker

    Ireland innings begins.

    Porterfield out second ball. Caught Sammy bowled Roach for 4 runs

    Ireland 4 for 1 for 0.2 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Stirling fails to get off the mark and skies a ball to wicketkeeper Sammy off Rampaul.

    Ireland 7 for 2 from 1.3 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Niall O’Brien out for 6 runs.

    Ireland 11 for 3 from 1.5 overs

  • Pete Baker

    Rain delay.

    Ireland 13 for 3 from 2.3 overs.

    That’s not enough to constitute a ‘match’.

    If it doesn’t resume it’ll be a replay.

  • Pete Baker

    And they’re back. No need for Duckworth/Lewis. Yet.

    Ireland 14 for 3 from 3 overs

  • Pete Baker

    And another wicket down.

    Cusack out caught behind by Sammy off Rampaul for 2 runs.

    Ireland now 18 for 4 from 4 overs.

  • carnlough yin

    Thanks for the updates Pete.
    Sadly, however, I cannot see us repeating the heroics of previous competitions

  • Pete Baker

    Ireland 23 for 4 from 5 overs.

  • Pete Baker

    Ireland 31 for 4 from 6 overs.

    Fielding restrictions end.

  • Pete Baker

    Ireland 39 for 4 from 8 overs

  • Pete Baker

    O’Brien out.

    Ireland 39 for 5 from 8.1 overs.

    Not looking good for Ireland from here.

  • Pete Baker

    Half-way through Ireland’s innings

    Ireland 47 for 5 from 10 overs.

    Extras is the highest scorer at 12.

  • Pete Baker

    Sammy catches Wilson out.

    And Trent Johnston is bowled shortly afterwards.

    Ireland 56 for 7 in the 13th over

  • Pete Baker

    Mooney lbw Miller

    Ireland 61 for 8 from 13.4 overs

  • Pete Baker

    And another wicket for Sammy

    Rankin caught Ramdin bowled Sammy for 1 run.

    Ireland 64 for 9 from 15 overs

  • Pete Baker

    From the BBC live coverage

    From Joe O’Doherty, TMS inbox: “You could write the same commentary for Ireland’s last 20 matches against Test nations: good bowling, but batting flatters to deceive. Why? Ask Eoin Morgan and Ed Joyce. Time to change the qualification rules for associate members’ cricketers if they’re serious about developing the sport”


  • Pete Baker

    All out.

    Ireland 68 all out from 16.4 overs.

    Disappointing batting after George Dockrell’s outstanding bowling and a good fielding performance.

  • oracle

    64 runs just 64

    Good God that’s embarrassing

  • oracle

    I’d take their passports off them and refuse them entry back into the country

  • oracle

    2 Ballymurphy spides with hurlys would have scored more