Ireland’s Cricket World Cup: not hype, just history…

Looks like a must buy: the long awaited: the DVD documentary on the Cricket World cup in the West Indies. It has intrigue, tragedy unexpected success and ultimate failure. The DVD release date for “Breaking Boundaries – Ireland’s Extraordinary Cricket World Cup” is Friday March 7th, with a charity screening at Dublin’s Sugar Club in Lower Leeson Street on Monday 3rd March (and in the Gaiety in Sligo on the 5th).
More history, courtesy of Nevin…


  • perci

    What I recall most about that day was France edging out Ireland from a 6-nations Rugby Title, when France scored that extra try to win overall on points.
    The consolation was the terrific win over Pakistan.

  • For those too young to remember!!

    West Indies 25 All Out vs Ireland 1969 at Sion Mills

  • A little bit more cricketing history, Mick:

    “Hume even chose cricket ahead of Gaelic games, being a useful left-handed spin bowler …” for St Columbs.

    Little wonder his political opponents kept playing down the wrong line. The Chinaman looked the same as a conventional delivery 😉

  • Dewi

    Took their time to get this out didn’t they? compare and contrast!

  • joeCanuck

    If you look closely, Nevin, you can spot me in the Sion grounds.
    You could have bowled all of us down with a feather.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’m sure it will be all the sweeter for the distillation Dewi!!