“Main obstacle to Unionist unity is Peter Robinson…”

DUP leader Peter Robinson is an impediment to unionist unity according to Unionist Party Assembly member David NcNarry. In a blistering attack on Mr. Robinson, the Strangford Unionist said:

“Peter Robinson is an obstacle. He has too much baggage from the past, moving forward, with his bashing of Ulster Unionists. My ministers asked him to step aside while he sorted out his private affairs. There have been more revelations and there are growing doubts inside his own party about his position as leader.”

In the cold light of day more DUP Assembly members are expressing concern at what they saw and heard in the BBC interview with Seamus McKee as they watched an incendiary Robinson brand Mr Mc Kee, Reg Empey, Jim Allister and Trevor Ringland “liars.”

Peter Robinson had moved to defend a property deal with deceased developer Fred Fraser. According to Mr Mc Narry the only game in town after the Westminster election will be a campaign to stop Martin McGuinness becoming First Minister.

David Mc Narry said: “After these elections the two parties are going to have to come together to formalise the mechanism for unionist unity. That has to be all embracing at local and national level.”

Another source argued that this was really what the secret Hatfield talks were all about.The first down payment in that process came in Fermanagh South Tyrone where Rodney Connor is the unity candidate even though Mr Connor describes himself “independent.”

This is all about stopping Sinn Fein’s Michelle Gildernew.


  • Harry J

    once reggie goes things will be a lot easier

    only another 3 weeks

  • Michaelhenry

    peter robinson the main obstacle to unionist unity, his wife or soon to be x wife is the main obstacle to family unity.


    Well said Mr NcNarry!
    Harry J are tou even on this planet? I’ve been on the doorsteps in South Antrim and Sir Reg is red hot favourite.
    People hate McCrea for the lies, sleaze and corruption and he will be sent home with his tail between his legs.

  • Drumlins Rock

    I know any time I watch Peter on TV now all I see is his rant at Seamus, which is what many people will see, it was not behaviour fitting a leader, whilst criticism from McNarry could well be a kiss of life the damage is done, the question merely is can he hold it together through the election campaign.

    As for Eamons usual “Another source argued that this was really what the secret Hatfield talks were all about” I know it like talking to a brick wall seeking a reply from a journalistic icon but
    I think it is time his source came public and stood over what he said.

  • Neil

    The truth will out DR in any event. It always does.

  • Eamonn Mallie

    Some contributors to Slugger get exercised when I refer to a ‘source’ or ‘sources’.

    Perhaps in some cases these authors (and I don’t wish to patronise anyone) are unfamiliar with the job of dealing with ‘primary sources.’

    Were I to name my sources every time I glean an insight, frankly, I would quickly find myself losing a lot of vital information. Sources would literally dry up.

    All I ask is for contributors to accept the bona fides of what I write.

  • Harry J

    Harry J are tou even on this planet? I’ve been on the doorsteps in South Antrim and Sir Reg is red hot favourite……..

    right. well good for him, we will see in 3 weeks and im confident that reg will be on his way out as leader of the UUP

  • Harry J

    lets see how the bookies have as favourite:

    D U P 4/6
    U C U N F 11/8

  • Garza

    Oh aye Harry J, the DUP are miles in front there aren’t they?

  • Drumlins Rock

    I know Neil, and fingers have been pointing at — —— on here already, one thing I can say for sure is the decision in F&ST; was made by the memberships of both parties in F&ST; and not at Hatfield, Schomberg House, London or anywhere else.
    That brings us back to Mr. Mallies story sbove, lets try to re-read it, we start with Mr McNarrys statement, which isnt news to most of us, but what closely follows it is a statement implying that some DUP members are more or less agreeing with McNarry, although he claims his Hatfield source is not his other DUP source, I think you can start to see there is a bit of a leadership challenge mounting within the DUP.

  • Harry J

    Garza the DUP will keep their seats. Reg will be gone and the UUP will come crawling for a deal before next years assembly

    McNarry knows it.

  • Garza

    Also if the UUP link up with the DUP in an assembly pact, I won’t be voting for it. Not putting my vote anywhere near the DUP. Prob just vote for NI conservatives or NI Labour (if they are running in assembly elections next year).

  • Garza

    [quote]Garza the DUP will keep their seats. Reg will be gone and the UUP will come crawling for a deal before next years assembly

    McNarry knows it.[/quote]

    Well we will find out soon enough.

  • Harry J

    yep cant wait, good to see the end of Empey and his co horts

  • Neil

    Oh aye Harry J, the DUP are miles in front there aren’t they?

    More than twice the price in a close run contest, so not miles in front but the bookies are offering double the money for a UU win. In gambling terms it’s a two horse race, it would be different if there were 3 or more likely candidates.

    But in a two horse race 5.3/8 and 11/8 you can see on a straight 80 pound bet one pays 53 quid and one pays 110 straight profit, and the bookies while not infallible, generally make more than they lose. If those prices were a guide I certainly wouldn’t think Reg is anything like a shoe in, especially given his fickle, unpredictable nature.

    Honestly, who knows what he’ll do next, and whether that gimmick will help as the UU one probably has, but the Davy Irvine one obviously didn’t and the DUP one might yet.

  • All of which narrows the argument down to mere personalities.

    In NI, as elsewhere, sectarianism (or the parallel sub-anthropoid bottom-feeders across GB, “I could never vote for a darkie … or a woman … or a poof”: yeah, I’ve done my stints on the door-knocker) is the lowest common denominator. A bit above is the personality vote. Then there is the vote for services rendered (often quite sincerely done on both sides). Somewhere near the top is the considered vote: “I’ve looked at the issues/policies/promises and …”. Or there’s mine: vote as left as you can get; and know you’ll always be disappointed.

    Surely among the higher intellects of Sluggerdom we can find a meeting of minds on principles. On the whole I would tentatively suggest there is a small ripple or two of red-white-and-blue water between the DUP and UUP. One feels to me ever-so-slightly more “developed”, more “open” (Bergson rather than Popper) in social policies, more classically-“liberal” in economics.

    Does anyone believe we can we have a grown up debate, anywhere in the UK, on fundamental principles this side of the next century?

  • Drumlins Rock

    Eamonn, thanks for replying, I do accept that your source is well placed and you are reporting accurately the views they have given you, but I generally like to question things and get down to the facts rather than the spin. (for example if I see a survey reported now first thing I look for is who funded it) Your reporting of the Hatfield talks has generated alot of heat on here and elsewhere, but not alot of light.

  • John East Belfast

    “According to Mr Mc Narry the only game in town after the Westminster election will be a campaign to stop Martin McGuinness becoming First Minister”

    That should not be the pre-occupation of Unionists as far as I am concerned – there are far too many more important issues to deal with.

    It is not our responsibility who nationalism votes for and the unionist electorate needs to be aware anyway that it was DUP meddling with the GFA @ St Andrews that will deliver SF into this role as the largest party.

    Indeed if we wanted to shore up the non SF nationalist vote then we might be better placed forging an electoral alliance with the SDLP

  • Have I missed the thread about Jim Allister seeking an injunction on a Paisley Jnr leaflet?

  • joeCanuck

    You’re not trying to convince us are you? You’re trying to convince yourself and I detect a wee bit of doubt creeping in.

  • Oh dear Harry J, looks like your post has had the people of South Antrim running to the bookies! Currently, Paddy Power and Betfair have both as joint favourites! Paddy has both on 5/6 and Betfair both on 19/100.


    Harry J seems besotted with Sir Reg packing it in! There will be a party leader quitting after the election but don’t think it will be Sir Reg!
    And from what I hear Willie McCrea is getting a very hard time on the doorsteps of South Antrim. He was knocking doors with his son and 2 Antrim Councillors hardly strength in numbers!

  • Cynic2


    Be careful. The DUPs and some right wingers in the UUP are spinning it that way but aint necessarily so unless there ios a huge overall realignment of Unionist politics.

  • Cynic2


    We are not allowed to talk about it as I understand that Mr Allister may have an injunction on reporting the contents of the leaflet

  • Drumlins Rock

    the injunction failed, but libel case is still being considered so no-one will report it yet, dosnt do either party any credit whatever it is.

  • dundonald voter

    have the dup started 2 canvass yet in east belfast n castlereagh? ps the folks are very angry…..

  • Harry J

    dv – dup campaigning in E belfast since election was called, you should visit there

  • UlsterScotty

    Harry J,
    I have to agree with dundonald voter; I have friends in Ballybeen and they aren’t happy campers and people are starting to speak out. People aren’t as dense as PR seems to think they are. Maybe the DUP should do a North Down and quit while they’re behind!!

  • Alan N/Ards

    Unionist unity will only come about when the likes of McNarry and Robinson step aside for more moderate people. I don’t have any time for the likes of Robinson but can anyone really take this loser Mcnarry seriously. Both of these men are a disgrace to unionism!

  • dundonald voter

    i cant beleive how good harry j is. one minute hes helping ian junior in na and then the next hes all round east belfast. harry i am from dundonald and people dont want robinson but certainly when your round the doors for peter make yourself known to me and i can take you to them. (the ones who dont want pr)