Did the DUP ask the nice lady if she would ACTUALLY vote for them?

Actually, on second thoughts...According to Bobballs, it appears not.… I suspect posters have more effect on voters than net activism… but there is a really needling message underneath this one: are you really sure your voters will turn out for you?

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    Excellent poster!

  • Harry J

    hardly being at the heart of the union, more in the pocket of the Conservatives.

  • Garza

    Far better to be in the pockets of conservatives than to be in the pockets of Sinn Fein eh Harry J. No-one is forgetting DUP’s massive u-turn on P&J when SF threatened to pull out.

  • Harry J

    No-one is forgetting DUP’s massive u-turn on P&J when SF threatened to pull out.
    Posted by Garza on Apr 14, 2010 @ 10:19 AM

    oh you mean the devoltuion of p+j supported by the Tories?


    Harry J better than being in the pocket of Property developers!

  • Harry J

    oh dear NMCNSA, you not so sure of reggies win now?

    The DUP has taken a number of hits and what is amazing if the TOTAL inability of empey to capitalise on this

    Bye Bye Reg

  • The Raven

    That is superb – it actually had everyone in the office laughing at the DUPes this morning…

    What was that thread we had a few days ago castigating the UUP for having a non-believer as media director….?

    *For Northern Ireland*, that’s nothing short of genius.

  • ding dong

    This is classic, at long last a bit of real colour and scrapping in out dull – very dull tribal headcounts

  • Harry J

    it actually had everyone in the office laughing at the DUPes this morning…

    if you find that funny then you really need to get out more

  • Mark McGregor

    Jeez, how the hell do you track down the source photo? Excellent stuff.

  • iluvni

    Where have I seen her before?

  • The poster is, for me, over-complex: seven different elements, two slogans (one acknowledging the Ashcroft squillions, one specific to NI).

    It’s woolly-abstract: what is “the heart of the Union”, for goodness’ sake?

    Being of a certain age, I also find it confusing (in previous GB campaigns, Labour used the thumbs-up motif).

    One bit I do like: that “deserves better”, on a red left-pointer. Don’t tell Dave.

  • Harry J

    is this a poster ? where is it going up?

  • Pete Baker

    According to Mark Devenport, the woman in question is “an American model called Kristin”.

    Who possibly doesn’t even have a vote in this election?

  • Pete Baker on Apr 14, 2010 @ 11:45 AM:

    By no coincidence, then, my first thought was “Palinesque”.

    Note, too, the absence of any rings. She’s not been taken in by the £3 a week for marriage allowance (which, it seems, is lead-balloon stuff among the younger generation).

  • Harry J

    Harry J the DUP are going down like McCrea after to much wine!
    Junior cant even get out of his car in Bushmills people are that disgusted with hime.
    But you just worry if that girl is from NI or not! Because thats what the voters really care about! LOL
    The point is its a clear message and the only people who care about who she really is are sad little people like you Harry. It makes people chuckle and thats what voters respond too

  • Harry J

    Junior cant even get out of his car in Bushmills

    strange that as i have been in bushmills with ian and had a good reception.


    Not what I’m hearing! Time will tell on this!
    So how does the DUP remember there real position when they tell so many lies Harry? Or do they just change position along with the lie?
    How can we forget Lord Morrow and his “there will be no devolution of policing and justice in the life of this assembley?”
    Whos chairman of the new Policing & Justice Committee??? Lord Morrow!
    At least Judas got 30 pieces of Silver, all it took for Lord Morrow was £12000 extra a year.

  • Harry J

    Not what I’m hearing! Time will tell on this!

    so you werent even there then?

    So how does the DUP remember there real position when they tell so many lies Harry? ….

    lies you mean about camerons cast iron guarantee or their pledge to runa CU in every constituency?


    No, We listened to the voters (The DUP Should try this) of F&ST; and did what was best for them.

    Was more thinking like the lies Iris tells Peter about were shes been all day, or the sort of lies Peter tells the people about going into business with the sinners, or the sort of lies people tell about strips of land for £5 and not being at council meetings!

    Those sorts of lies Harry J

  • Harry J

    No, We listened to the voters (The DUP Should try this) of F&ST; and did what was best for them.

    you broke your word simples.

    more broken tory promises and theyre not even in government

  • Harry J

    No, We listened to the voters (The DUP Should try this) of F&ST;

    really? how many nationalists did you listen to or was it just the prods?

  • Harry J

    We don’t look at people based on religion! It may shock the DUP to learn this but religion has nothing to do with politics. In the UUP we have a large number of Catholics and thats increasing!
    The thing that unites us is are belief in the Union, this is because we are not some wacky little fundamentalist party like the DUP in which the only thing that unites them is a bitter and twisted hatred of the other side and a desire to line there own pockets.

  • Harry J

    We don’t look at people based on religion!

    you say you listened to the voters. given that sinn fein took the largest number of votes at the last election i doubt very much you listened to them

    another broken tory promise

  • To be appended to first paragraph of NMCNSA @ 02:27 PM

    … while demonstrating our higher intellect by continuing to ignore spelling and punctuation, which are only there to aid and assist comprehension and communication.

  • granni trixie

    Did I hear Aidrian Watson on radio saying that UUp had got over 200K from Tories? (ie UUP motivation for join up with Tories).

    If so, what are they spending it on?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Spending it on Mike Nesbitts hair I think.

  • Neil


    miaow. Fair play just the same.


    Swiftly printed and displayed billboards taking the piss out of DUP as shown above.

  • D.A.


    It’s a bit ‘rich’ (oops) the DUP having a go at the rich, when their very own esteemed leader has made himself rather well off on the backs of the taxpayers who elected him, and allegedly, certain property deals.

  • dundonald voter

    harry j like a good politician that you are you evade the question. people have asked you personally about lord morrows comments so why do you turn it on the cu’s? now please answer this one did lord morrow say there would be no p and j in the lifetime of the assembly? if he did say this does this constitute a broken promise?
    and i see your on the campaign trail with ian junior could you ask him this question from me why after it was established that he charges the taxpayer 3 times market value for his office in ballymena does he continue to still charge the taxpayer the same amount of £57,000 (yes £57,000) ill repeat myself here 3 times over the market value established fact. now me thinks your bye bye reg bit could turn into bye bye peter read ed currans bit in the bt has robinson become a liability? be careful who you want to say bye bye to

  • Carsons Cat

    Do UCUNF actually WANT to give the DUP more publicity?

    They’ve only given oxygen to the DUP’s stance that the UUP are in the pocket of the Tories.

    Not all publicity is good publicity – you’d think the new all singing, all dancing tech-savvy UUP comms director might know that.

  • dundonald voter

    another question harry j is iris being treated on the and in the natinal health service or is she in some private place that you in the dup seem to despise? good article in the sunday life at the weekend about a man from the shankill whose son commited suicide and could get no help from anybody. (mere plebe from west belfast) iris falls ill and she is sent to the exclusive club in london. makes your staements and laughing at the cus when your own party leader seems to do well on the private care bit eh.

  • dundonald voter

    also harry j could you ask ian junior about his father (ian senior who would fight for ulster with the last drop of everybodiies else’s blood) why ian senior who was the proper age to fight in second world war (1943 when he could) that he didnt sign up for service? did his pacifist ideas only drop off him in middle 1950’s when he wanted everybody to fight for ulster at this period? i think its an important question to ask him

  • unionistvoter

    I would strongly suggest that Harry J purchase the photos he is using or Kristen isnt going to get paid.

  • dundonald voter

    also harry please could you ask ian junior does he or dosnt he know seymour sweeney. and if you read david gordons book the fall of the house of paisley if he didnt know him he certainly lobied a lot for him!! but then this seems to be a patern in the dup lobbying for property devolpers dosnt it? also i know arlene foster is a blow in but do you remeber her i have a mind to grant planning permission for giants causeway and then saying she was unaware that seymour was a member of the dup!! one of the most influential people in northern ireland and she didnt know he was a member of the dup. please ask these questions harry because they need answered about peoples integrity. with all the lobbying that has been going on for devolopers by the dup is it a coincidence that they got the ministers post for enviroment? were they have influence with the planning department. will edwin poots take up the offer of peter curistan to see how often the robinsons lobbied on behalf of frazer and campbell devolopers in the l;ast 8 years. He said he would pay it himself if mr tax payer consious mr poots thought it was to much for taxpayers tp have to pay. When did the dup think about the taxpayer eh? mr spratt in south belfast claimed harry j in one year £25.000 on taxi fares form finaghy crossroads to stormount. (now assuming he went every day thats approx 70 pounds a day. now one who used to live in finaghy a took frequent taxis from finaghy to east belfast i can assure the bill was never 70 round trip. could you explain or even ask ian senior why he claimed 400 per month food allowance from westminister when not even there!! yes harry the dup are the most taxpayer consious party we know.

  • Harry J
  • D.A.

    Harry, you’re missing the point. The UCUNF poster was actually funny. Yours are just crap.

  • Harry J

    truth not fun chum

  • DerTer

    DV – If you really want people to read what you have to say, please start using capitals, reasonable punctuation, and a spelling and grammar checker.

  • Neil


    not really message board etiquette to pick on people’s grammar/spelling. Makes it seem like you can’t make an argument against the point so you pick on something easy to discredit a perfectly good argument.

    On that score, keep ’em coming Dundonald Voter, all good questions that do deserve to be answered.

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=grammar Timmy

  • dundonald voter

    harry your posters you direct us to are great. can you please answer to me why a man on the shankill road got no help for his depressed son from the natinal health and iris got help from someone in a nice exclusive clinic in london. is the poster you are directing us to iris and peter defacto. have they loads of money to go private in london and the man on the shankill road the one the posters are trying to protect because they have no money? please explain harry j

  • DerTer

    Neil – I don’t actually know what DV had to say in his last post – his argument may well have been a perfectly good one. The problem is that I had to stop trying to read it because it was so difficult to scan. Don’t know what kind of breach of etiquette that is!

  • Harry J

    can you please answer to me why a man on the shankill road got no help for his depressed son from the natinal health and iris got help from someone in a nice exclusive clinic in london.

    maybe you should ask the UUP they are in charge of health

  • Harry J
  • Neil @ 04:38 PM:

    Stuff that reading of the Miss Manners’ Guide to Proper Posting.

    If a contribution is so careless, so incoherent, so illiterate it defies understanding, it becomes an insult to others. More to the point, it’s a waste of bandwidth. That, most definitely, is a breach of etiquette.

    I trust I make myself clear.

  • Neil

    Crystal, as per usual. Although I do sometimes need a dictionary I confess…


  • Harry J
  • Quincey

    Satchi and Satchi on the case funded by Tory coffers. In election expenditure will we get a breakdown on how much the UUNF is spending directly on advertising agency work- i.e. the slogan men?

    Credit where its due, a nice bit of thinking and quick off the mark. Not sure it translates into vote winning or losing though.

  • Peter Fyfe

    His posts are in English, it can be easily understood. It could be improved but his points still stand. It is quite clear DUP supporters are trying to avoid the issues he raises.

    On the topic of the poster, I like the stunt. More great election material from the Conservatives, though their substance is probably lacking once again. I will give them credit on how they work the media. The cheek to complain about the rules being imposed on them for tomorrow’s debate. I loved Boulton’s response that many of the rules were dictated by Andy ‘The Bully’ Coulson. I believe Cameron’s words will have been heard by many more though. This in effect makes the response pretty meaningless if a large section of voter’s wont hear it.

    Who is the Punt’s media advisor, a friend of Arlene’s perhaps? You would think so after the Seamus McKee interview.

  • dundonald voter

    harry you ask me to ask the ulster unionists because they are in charge of health. but you directed me to the posters and as far as i can perceive its about the rich being able to pay for private care and how the poor wont be able to afford medical care if the tories get in. so lets get this right is the gist of the poster getting at the tories because only the rich will be able to afford medical care under tories. now we understand that iris is in an exclusive club in london (private or national health? we dont know because no one will comment on it) so is the poster saying only people like peter and iris robinson can afford medical care because they are rich? young man who lives on the shankill dosnt matter about him because he cant afford private care and allowed to commit suicide. By the way the young mans father who after his son commited suicide became a councillor for young people with depression said that if iris was still on 24 hour suicide watch she would most certainly not be allowed out on her own. just a wee thought

  • Harry J

    dv – ask the health service about the care they provide.

    under the tories they will cut health budgets.

  • dundonald voter

    talking about misleading the electorate harry. heres a wee gem for you. dup 2005 westminister election campaign you can get this from the website quite easily. MADANTORY COALITION UNDER THE D’HONDT SYSTEM AND SHARING POWER WITH SINN FEIN IS COMPLTELY OUT OF THE QUESTION. now peter keeps saying he hasnt sold devolution to the people but the dup and their election peak came with what i quoted from their manifesto so what part did he not sell enough harry? and after putting this in their manifesto did this not mislead the electorate or as you put it more tory lies. harry was this a lie???

  • Harry J

    dv – read the 2007 assembly manifesto – you know the one they got elected on for Stormont

    anyway – heres a wee poster for Tories in Fermanagh South Tyrone


  • Peter Fyfe

    This thread is a good representation of Trolls on this site. How can somebody (or somebody and Paul) always agree with the DUP no matter how many times the DUP swap positions? Do they have no thought process of their own or what?

    Harry J

    I thought the tories made the silly promise to ring fence health spending when it is such a high spending department. Get your criticism right.

  • Harry J

    Peter, yeah is that cast iron guarantee from Cameron then?

    Or maybe like his promise to run a CU in every seat in the UK?

  • Peter, yeah is that cast iron guarantee from Cameron then?

    Or maybe like his promise to run a CU in every seat in the UK?

    Posted by Harry J on Apr 14, 2010 @ 05:47 PM

    I’m sorry Harry, but did you want them to?

    Sounds as if the DUP want their friends in Sinn Fein to go round winning seats, until that pesky Mr Connor came along.

  • Harry J

    Cons… im just saying you can believe a word that comes out of a Tory mouth.

  • im just saying you can believe a word that comes out of a Tory mouth.

    So you’re position is that we can’t believe the DUP or CUs

  • Harry J

    no just the Tories

  • Peter Fyfe


    You took the words right out of my mouth. He didn’t even read my first paragraph. Did he not realise it was criticising his stances that flip more than Ian in Shameless?

  • dundonald voter

    harry j the reason the cus are liars according to you is that they promised to run in all the seats and didnt. are we to believe everything the dup say? i noticed again when i asked you about their 2005 manifesto you didnt reply to that and refered me to the 2007 election which they got elected on. did they not get elected in 2005 then? and did they mislead the electorate? did ian junior tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in his now infamous i know of him statement? or his a half truth not a total lie.
    with regards to your party leader was trhe truth fully stated when he declared that he gave his councillor salary into the party and no none could trace it?? is this the whole truth? when the whole irisgate affair broke out harry peter said that when he found about the affair (march2009) that he told his wife that she would have to stand down from public life yet in dec 2009 (just a few weeks before the story broke) iris said she was looking forward to the up and comming election and hoped age would not be a barrier. what was the truth harry? seems like saying you would run in all the seats is terrible misleading to you but the above mentioned are mere trifles!! heres another truth for you harry. your founding leader said in 1977 when he called a disaster of a strike, that if it didnt work he would get out of politics. well the strike didnt work and the bold ian never got out, was he misleading people again harry?

  • dundonald voter

    more importantly harry was not a unity cndidate exactly what you wanted? so why are you critising them for doing exactly what your party leader said was the best thing for unionist’s??

    is ian junior being truthfull to the taxpayer by claiming £57,000 per year for a property were an independant commitee said at best would only fetch £19,000 per year? is this truthfull harry?? did his father claiming £400 per month food allowance when not even at westminister was this truthfull to the taxpayer harry? please define for me what is truthfull and what is not because i dont think you really know

  • granni trixie

    Just thought of a great wheeze. Could we (or the BEEB or whatever) put the hat around to bring Kirsten to NI? This could take off!

    BTW, when considering matters of posters, lets not forget the one about the image in the GFA material – wasn’t the family depicted from
    S. Africa? (and didn’t this emerge because the sunset was in the wrong place or something?)

  • Harry J

    so why are you critising them for doing exactly what your party leader said was the best thing for unionist’s??

    just pointing out the Tories are liars

    we could have had a unity candidate right from the start but had to endure weeks of tory lying.

  • Ulster Dandy

    What is it unionists and stock photography?

    Is there a secret plot by republican graphic designer moles to embarrass loyal parties and institutions?

    Is “Kristin” the new Diamond Dan?

  • dundonald voter

    so are you saying the dup are always truthfull harry? (now we know thats not the truth)

    So what your really saying harry is that we vote for the liar we like the most?

  • Manfarang

    “On third thoughts- I want my MP to be on Little Britain.
    I’m voting UCUNF”