PEBs: The SDLP a mixed bag…

So,here’s last night’s opening PEB from the SDLP… My own brief thoughts divide roughly like this… Good opening with a focus on what a ‘sitting MP’ brings you the voter from their latest recruit in Fermanagh… Then lots of shots of the same people in different combinations (to be slightly unkind, like Beau Geste arranging bodies in the fort to create the illusion of there being more people than there actually is) walking towards the camera in different streets in Northern Ireland.. You get the impression the makers were trying cover weaknesses rather than selling the party’s strengths… (it was inclusive of those candidates who don’t have a chance to the point of obscuring whatever key message had been intended… )

The shot outside the barracks in Holywood suffered from making a different point (unaccountability in St Andrews – erm, that deal was done in 2006 lads) about the same thing (MI5) on the same day and in the same place as the dissidents tried to with their bomb (with uncanny timing)… But, how was it for you?

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