Nationalists approach to Hung Parliament

The BBC report on Plaid and the SNP’s hung parliament strategy. From Ieuan Wyn:
“”In their race for the keys to Number 10, the London parties have forgotten about what really matters to voters in Scotland and Wales, but the SNP and Plaid Cymru have not.
With the prospect of a balanced Parliament becoming more likely by the day, we believe that an election that gives no single party an overall majority would be the best possible outcome for our nations…..
We would demand fairer funding for Wales and Scotland to protect jobs, our schools, our hospitals and the most vulnerable in society……
At the heart of our platform there would also need to be a real commitment to grow our economies through fast transport links and additional support to create thousands of high-quality jobs in the green and creative industry sectors.”
4 Wales, 4 Scotland. – Quite a snappy slogan from Plaid’s site.
And here’s the Guardian’s take.
From Betsan interestingly: “Will either Gordon Brown or David Cameron come knocking? Haven’t there been signs that Mr Cameron, in particular, would rather look to parties in Northern Ireland, or, of course, to a deal with the Lib Dems?”
And Brian makes the similar point: “…Or would, say, the Tories prefer to strike a deal with the Liberal Democrats or parties in Northern Ireland?”