“Alliance looks forward to examining this document in detail…”

According to reports, Northern Ireland “First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness announced that they have agreed a long-awaited programme for cohesion, sharing and integration.” Which is nice… For the Alliance Party leader David Ford. Although, as he is quoted as saying here, “Alliance looks forward to examining this document in detail,” [David Ford] said. “A document is only a start.” And what was all that interface trouble about? [We look forward to examining this document in detail… – Ed] Assuming they intend to publish it… Unlike some other documents. Anything else to announce from Hillsborough Section 4 [pdf file], “Outstanding Executive Business”? And shouldn’t that be in a report to the NI Executive…From the Hillsborough document [pdf file]

Section 4 – Outstanding Executive Business

1. Junior Ministers will chair a Working Group involving all of the Parties in the Executive and oversee an exercise of trawling for and identifying all Executive papers and decisions which are still pending. They will be tasked to provide a report to the Executive detailing the level of progress made on each outstanding matter and Junior Ministers will make recommendations on whether and how progress could be made on any and all outstanding matters by the end of February. This will include a programme of work detailing how any remaining outstanding issues will be resolved.