Beware the bullocks

Now its a bullock

You’d think David Dimbleby would know better. After 15 years of continuous broadcasting on Question Time, the inimitable presenter is absenting himself this evening having been injured by his wife’s bullock. Apparently he was loading the bullock onto a trailer when it bolted and he was knocked unconscious. Happily, his injuries are not serious and he intends to be back next week. Bullocks permitting. He’s done well to have avoided bullocks, given his occupation, all these years.

John Humphrys is chairing this evening’s show.

  • cut_the_bull

    your right he has spent a career listening to a laod of bullocks

  • Are you sure that beast in the photo is a male, Miss Fitz? 😉

  • Miss Fitz

    Poetic license Nevin.

  • Kaido

    Poetic licence my ****, that is a maiden heifer, you can tell by the eyes. Coy and inviting.

    Submit word – girl — see.

  • Rory Carr

    A bullock. An emasculated creature. Much like Question Time itself then whose sole purpose seems to be to ensure that nothing productive or progressive be permitted to sully such limited political debate as may attract the attention of the Great Unwashed.

  • augustiner hell

    maiden heifer my ****, a cow, you can tell by the other cows she’s hanging out with.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “maiden heifer my ****, a cow, you can tell by the other cows she’s hanging out with. ”


  • cut_the_bull

    Shes surely a cow now cut the bull

  • my left bullock

    Ah Miss Fitz, back again and how appropriate in a thread about bull.

  • miss fitz

    OK. I knew it was a heifer, but I was simply trying to introduce a bovine element to the thread, and it is now nearly impossible to lift a photo as I would have done in the past. I went to my repetoire and don’t ya know, I have no male animals there, not even a castrated one.

    Yes, I am back, and not being one to change things too much, my thread was ever so slightly tongue in cheek.