Devlin case breakthrough?

The life-long agony for Thomas Devlin’s parents continues and echoes in many other hearts. But if we assume there is a real case to answer and the wall of silence has been broken, this is good news.


    Well said Brian and I agree totally. His family and friends have gone through hell and let’s hope they get some justice. It’s a pity but not really surprising that this thread has attracted no posts or comments. The super Unionists who swarm all over these boards are usually struck dumb when innocent Catholics are murdered by Loyalists. The silence speaks multitudes and highlights the bigotry and tribal attitudes of many who see NO fault within THEIR community even if it involves murder. Contrast the attitude of many Unionists on this murder with the murder of Robert McCartney. It doesn’t suit their political and bigoted agenda to say ANYTHING on Thomas Devlin’s death because it was ‘THEIR OWN’ who did it.

  • OC

    Killing for the sake of killing can never be justified. Even the SS punished their own for this type of transgression.