Eames Bradley discounted a troubles archive…

The Irish Times quotes Prof Thomas Hachey, executive director of the Centre for Irish Programs at Boston College:

“the consultative group may very well have lost an opportunity to help redress the very human need people have to vent their own sentiments about personal loss, or cost, for a tribunal that would incorporate such commentary within a permanent record available to all at a time mutually agreed upon”.

The professor of history continued: “It really does not matter whether or not Boston College and the Linenhall Library directs a programme for recording interviews of the many people from all sectarian, political and avocational . . . groups who have been victims of various trauma . . . What . . . is essential is that this opportunity not be lost before the passage of time results in too few survivors.”

According to Prof Hachey: “That would not only preclude these individuals from having the opportunity to vent about, and expound upon, their own experiences, it would also deny posterity access to an archive that would be enormously helpful to future understanding of the phenomenon of victimology.”a

You can comment on individual aspects of the Eames Bradley report at Slugger’s own:consultationonthepast.org

  • danielmoran

    the ‘eames/bradley idea for payment of 12k to ‘victims’ of the conflict here does not – on closer inspection – appear to have been buried by the govt. after all, in questions to s.o.s. it seems that ‘this would be inappropriate at this time’ ……that phrase ‘at this time’ covers a multitude of sins. the s.o.s knows well that the dup have quietly sold the pass on that affair of definition of victims, and will pull that out of the hat at an apropriate time. this faux outrage by the duppers is purely for the consumption of their poor deluded voters.