“It’s a complex tool, a complex machine”

As the BBC report says, CERN today confirmed what had previously been noted here, “The report also confirmed the damage would cost £14 million to repair and that experiments will not begin until next summer.” That’s the damage to the Large Hadron Collider designed, in part, to test the thesis which predicts the existence of the Higgs boson. Summary report here [pdf file]

The first two new magnets have already been installed in their tunnel positions this week in sector 3-4, as replacement for removed magnets. It is foreseen to complete reinstallation of all magnets in sector 3-4 by the end of March 2009. Interconnections work will start beginning of February 2009, and will be completed by mid May 2009. After final pressure tests and cooldown, the repaired sector will be available for powering by the end of June 2009.

Last word to Professor Stephen Hawking, “If the human race cannot afford that..”