A Space Odyssey – redux..

Having made orbit safely, the Space Shuttle Atlantis performed the now customary rendevous pitch manoeuvre, to enable inspection of the heat shield, before docking with the International Space Station on Saturday. I may have added some musical accompaniment to the original footage.. With apologies to Stanley Kubrick.. and, of course, to Johann Sebastian Strauss.. Enjoy.

  • Dec

    Having made orbit safely, the Space Shuttle Atlantis performed the now customary rendevous pitch manoeuvre..

    …and you post your customary thread about it.

  • joeCanuck

    And we always get a complaint, sometimes oblique, that it’s nothing to do with N.I.

  • Pete Baker

    Sad to say, Joe, some people just don’t appreciate the quality sound of Johann Sebastian.. ;o)

  • susan

    I don’t know if it is something specific about this rendezvous pitch manoeuvre — I still haven’t seen “2001” — but I’ve watched the clip on this thread twice and I keep hearing Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine’s version of “The Impossible Dream.”

    It’s an interesting effect.

  • Pete Baker


    Having spent some time as back, and front, stage security for said group.. I can only recommend that you see 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • susan

    YOU were a bouncer!?! For Carter USM?

    There’s one I didn’t see coming. :o)

  • Pete Baker

    Well, I was on the books.. so to speak.. and when the opportunity arose..

    They didn’t exactly have a choice.

  • susan

    I’m still speechless.

  • Pete Baker

    As an aside..

    If anyone is interested the recording of the Blue Danube used in the clip is available for download as an open source audio recording, from June 23, 1934, here.

  • Pete Baker


    Then there were The Ramones… ;o)

  • susan

    I still love the Ramones (their music that is; never forgetting you worked backstage security and may have seen some things you should not have ). And James.

    Last year on one of those bizarre Slugger threads where you begin by Googling the SAA and find yourself accidentally hacking into the master list for SB’s Secret Santa rotations, I discovered this clip about interplanetary communication set to one of my most loved pieces of music (non-Carter USM, that is) I have no idea what it is about, but maybe you will —


  • Pete Baker

    That would appear to be Voices of a Distant Star, susan.

    And not a bad tune for 1680. :o)

  • susan

    Pete, thank you for solving that mystery. I’m relieved it is not yet another film everyone has seen except me.

    Speaking of the late, great Joey Ramone, did you know that in his final weeks he listened to a song by — brace yourself, Pete — U2 over and over again?

  • susan

    (sorry the song doesnt start till 0:55, but the other versions were too slick)


  • Pete Baker