“about to cross over Europe..”

As susan said here, s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g footage from NASA TV of the Space Shuttle Discovery performing a 9 minute Rendezvous Pitch Maneuver. Although I think I’ll stick with my previous choice of music to watch it by.

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  • susan

    Pete, if I sat and thought for a year, I still never would have thought of Johann Strauss for a 9 minute Rendezvous Pitch Maneuver. :o)

    But it is breath-taking to our own planet revolving slowly beneath the rotating shuttle, isn’t it?

    On-an-only – very-slightly-related-note, yesterday, I was resisting the urge to join in the fray on a Slugger thread, but couldn’t resist the urge to Google a Michael Collins quotation, to back up what I would have said if I had said anything at all (are you still with me?)

    Anway, in an amusing but yet oddly appropriate cock-up, quotes from Michael Collins the American astronaut are attributed and intermingled with quotes from Michael Collins the patriot:


    There. Now that I’ve completely outed my inner Geek Squad I’d really best be going.

  • wild turkey


    nice choice of music.

    2007 a spaced odyssey?

    anyway, enjoy.

    susan, it is breathtaking. my soundtrack choice; Slip Sliding Away.

  • paul

    My grandad always believed that nobody was ever on the moon. So how was this pic taken. Who was flying overhead or was the pic taken by from a sattelitte.

    Until I have proof of all of this I will stick with my culchie grandfather’s seceptical view lol.

  • Pete Baker

    As your outed inner Geek Squad will be all too aware of, susan – and as wild turkey hints at – I should, of course, have apologised to Stanley for using Johann’s tune.

    And breath-taking. Definitely.

    “Finding quotations was never this easy!”

    Indeed. ;o)


    There’s a Space Station they’ve just Rendezvoused with.

  • circles

    In a star trekky geek kind of way I can see the buzz in all this but in all honesty – could all this money not be better spent on earth?

  • susan

    My outed inner Geek has never seen “2001.” I was actually searching for “Stanley’s” post before I realised!

    Circles, I worry about that, but given the rate and extent of climate change, etc., it is beginning to look like a few generations from now we’ll all be needing a lifeboat. Besides, I will refer you to Socrates. (Although to be honest I only learned of it from Merlin in “The Once and Future King”)

    “Soc. I mean to say that the word “man” implies that other animals never examine, or consider, or look up at what they see, but that man not only sees (opope) but considers and looks up at that which he sees, and hence he alone of all animals is rightly anthropos.”

    It is part of the best in our nature to look up, and to explore, and since there is no escaping the worst in our natures it seems ill-advised to jettison our best.

    There. That sounds pretentious, and no doubt it is, but it is also what I think.

    Wild Turkey, that is too sad a song, so I will tell you a funny story Paul’s story of his grandfather reminded me of. I too had an eccentric elderly relative, who happened to acquire electricity astonishingly late in life. Whenever he watched the televised Grand National, every time a horse missed a jump he would not rest til one of us had gone out the back to examine his own fences. Can you believe it?

  • Pete Baker

    “never seen “2001.””?!!

    For shame. ;op

    As for circles’ concern. There’s plenty being spent on that slowly revolving blue planet already.

  • circles

    LOL nice one Pete – I like that. Justifying the expenses of space programmes on the basis that money is being spent equally senselessly on earth. Still, as exciting as it all may seem, its not particularly justifiable is it.

    Well OK, Velcro is cool – but do we have anyting else useful.

    Susan – if in a few generations we’re still spending billions to circle a few people around the planet, the space on that life boat is gonna be seriously limited and its not gona be gound anywhere worthwhile. Maybe the money could be better invested in extending our staying time here. And as for Socrates – well its no surprise to hear a human saying that humans are wonderful, but are humans really the animal in the best position to judge who the “best” animal is? And if it really is “part of the best in our nature to look up”, i sincerely wish that we’d develop the habit of looking left and right at the people around us rather than caring for the man in the moon.

    Sorry if this turned into a rant – but I mean really, this all reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Nobody seems to pay any attention to “the man behind the curtain”, preferring instead to be amazed by the smoke and mirrors.

  • Long John Silver

    no harm to you, but this is really not stunning. maybe if i was sitting in some other craft in space watching it from close up it woiuld be great, but no. just looks like a big white thing doing a pretty crap loop-de-loop.

  • Aaron McDaid

    This is also great music for watching this sort of thing Lux Aeterna. Not to be confused with a track of the same name that I think was in 2001 movie already.

    It’s called Lux Aeterna and was first heard, I think, in Requiem for a Dream.