“The administration appears to be facing early paralysis…”

An interesting report from Noel McAdam in the Belfast Telegraph informs us that Executive ministers met informally last week, for five hours, “to hammer out their policy priorities and strategy for the months ahead.” [Did a certain announcement get mentioned? – Ed] The Telegraph also highlights some things to come and there’s a report on the UUP MLA Danny Kennedy’s comments, as chairman of the formerly-Committee of the Centre,

“The administration appears to be facing early paralysis. My committee keeps on writing to ask what is happening, but there are few answers.”

And he also mentions something that has been, in part, noted before

“The Assembly remains at the level of a school debating society, dealing with private members motions rather than real business. I think the difficulty is that the Executive is now at the point where real choices and decisions are having to be made and, frankly, it’s not working. It is the nature of coalition government for there to be constant delays. Each of the parties involved has their own different priorities.”