“we had a project meeting yesterday and we are still on target”

As the BBC report points out in its opening lines, despite closing to the public 7 months ago no actual work has been done on the Ulster Museum’s planned renovation. They claim to be still on schedule to re-open in spring/early summer of 2009. Objectors to the proposed work include the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society who, as noted previously, have pointed to the Museum’s listed building status and, in particular, to the proposal to enclose the museum’s cantilevered concrete canopy with glass. Today they and the Museum have put their opposing views to the Belfast City Council planning committee. No word on the committee’s descision but it’s worth noting the BBC report’s last line – “The council planning committee can reject the museum’s plans, but it has no power to overrule the Planning Service.” Planning Service, seemingly, have already approved the Museum’s plans..