YouTubing on the fly…

Ciaran Mussen is a serious folk musician as well as a Green councillor on Newry and Mourne Council and their candidate for South Down. The sound is not great, and it could do with more work on the messaging side, but in what is rapidly becoming a crowded market, it is at least an attempt to use something more creative than the talk to camera format. Mussen has a popular base in the south of the constituency, and some of former Down councillor’s support in the north. H/T Crat!!


  • Crataegus

    Obviously low budget but I thought interesting as it showed someone at ease and the message it conveys is a human sort of person, interested in tradition and the environment.

    I am interested how the Greens do as an indication of possible movement building on their improvement in the council elections. Particularly interesting is North and South Down. Two very different constituencies with different electorates. For them to move forward they have to gain votes and the question is where do they come from?

    In North Down I could see then eating into Alliance and SDLP and perhaps also appealing to some who may be tempted to stay at home.

    In south Down they have a councillor in Downpatrick and the candidate another councillor in Newry. I think their vote may go up as there is no Women’s Coalition and Alliance are extremely weak. However to really move forward they need to eat into both the SDLP and SF vote. The SDLP machine in SD is reputed to be good, but SF has its local problems.

    Lots of questions;

    1 Can they get enough first preference votes to stay in the running?

    2 Will they gain from SDLP transfers?

    3 Where do the independent Republican votes transfer to?

    4 Will their all Ireland structures benifit and will they get much support from the South?

    5 South Down is an unusual one. If they have a good (very very good) local campaign going they may do well. It is one to watch.

    Strange really, time was when you automatically dismissed the Greens as an also ran. Shows how much they have moved forward.

  • Greenflag

    Crataegus ‘

    Am presently reading ‘The Weather Makers’ by Australian scientist/explorer Tim Flannery 🙂 An eye opener for those of us who still remain ‘skeptical’ .

    The Green Agenda is growing and not just the republican variety .

  • Crataegus


    Sounds like a good read when I feel the urge to be depressed. There is no doubt in my mind that with a rising population we will eventually see some serious self inflicted disasters. Biodiversity is the one that gets under my skin. What bits of the interrelated structure can we do without and which can we not? We have not the slightest idea what many microbes do and which are essential.

    What bothers me about the Green agenda is the poor implementation rather than the basic philosophical positions. On many issues they have been right but it would benefit us all to have serious debate around some of the issues they raise. We need them in there representing their point of view and having to defend it. It would benefit us all. Diverse representation is a good thing.

    To me, die hard capitalist that I am, a Green agenda is basically a very efficient agenda, it is about managing and using resources in a manner that is sustainable and who could disagree with that? The devil is getting there and some environmentalists are a real liability and are actually preventing us making progress.

  • Greenflag


    Could not agree more re your comment . As you say ‘the devil is getting there’ .Flannery to his credit -IMO goes some way to the getting there . I’ve always been skeptical of the tree huggers or at least the more inane of their ‘implementations’. What Flannery is helping to achieve IMO is to move ‘Green awareness and issues ‘ beyond the confine of a small political minority in countries around the world into an issue which will become an essential part of the policy programs of the main political parties and one without which these main political parties will find it increasingly impossible to attain power.

    Actually not a depressing read . Very informative with some practical suggestions (at least so far) . I have not as yet been convinced to don sandwich board and to stride the streets with the headline ‘the wurrrrrrllllllllld is coming to an end ‘ scratched in blood red on it – just yet anyway 🙂