Bob on why he is standing in six seats…

You can pick up the rest of the interviews on Voice4Democracy… Excellent work guys!!! Check out the way forward segment… It’s good to have the questions split like this, but it would be good to have the option of hearing it from start to finish…


  • Overhere

    And his alternative would be Direct Rule from Westminster I presume. So he likes being a treated like the goofer on a building site !!

  • huw

    When will the penny drop with the unionists –

    They backed the wrong side all along

    Rather than throwing in their lot with the rest of the island – which is now enjoying massive economic success

    They have have foolishly opted to be the poorest, most ignored, region of the UK

    The Irish Republic can annex us in Wales anytime they want. Even we would far better of administered by Dublin than London

  • darth rumsfeld

    Dr Clifford Smyth reverentially asks the questions ( sounding worryingly like Louis Theroux or Jon Ronson), the great leader sits in his conservatory and dispenses his wisdom to the fawning acolyte. And is it only me, or is Bob starting to look old and tired?

    Yup, the slick PR of the 1998 anti-Agreement campaign is long gone, and this attempt to elucidate the perfectly sensible objections to the Agreement(s) is actually counterproductive.

  • Overhere

    A work mate of mine here in London say the photo and said it that the guy from “Naked Gun 331/3”.

    I almost said “sort of but not half as funny” !!

  • wee willie

    Whatever you might think about the DUP they do have a plan and have met with more than a measure of success. Certainly they have forced SF to do things the UUP could only have dreamed about. But what is McCartney’s strategy. He deals in conditions which would only apply in his perfect world. But politics is about attainable goals. He fails to accept that others have to be accomodated. It’s Bob’s way or the highway. That’s why he cannot keep any friends in politics.

  • Loyalist

    The stuff about the Doc in the interview is fairly appalling. Though no doubt Clifford lapped it up.

  • Has anyone asked him about the constituencies with no anti-agreement Unionists? Why aren’t Bob and His Ego making an effort to torpedo the DUP in Belfast West?

  • Loyalist


    Because he doesn’t have enough people in W. Belfast to sign papers perhaps?

  • Mick Fealty


    “…this attempt to elucidate the perfectly sensible objections to the Agreement(s) is actually counterproductive”.


  • challenger

    Ok so I wont be knocking on Bob’s door if I fancy a good yarn over a pint of Magners but at the end of the day, he must be doing it out of a genuine concern for the anti -Agreement voters. Had he been a career politician, he would have stayed with the UUP where, at one time, he was tipped to be a future leader. His pricklier than a catus manner doesn’t endear him to many but if all those who have the hump with the DUP give him protest votes where he IS standing, he might rock the DUP boat. One thing that winds me up is the way the DUP suddenly find him an eccentric, a lone ranger and a crank (my words, but they infer it). When they wanted his vote in the Assembly, he was sharp, dependable and stable. But, that’s politics for you!

    Like the Alliance PEB with the throwback to the early 70s where the couple imagine the audacity of the very idea that Paisley and McGuinness would be sharing power 30 years from thence. A powerful message and a potent one too.

  • Truth and Justice

    Bob if listened to will lead us all to joint authority he has no plan B and his ego is to big for his shoes, time for Bob to go!

  • darth rumsfeld

    “…this attempt to elucidate the perfectly sensible objections to the Agreement(s) is actually counterproductive”.


    ….because he comes across as supercilious, condescending, hectoring, and a bit of a bore, talking to himself…er as Bob really.

    The message is in danger of being swamped by the messenger, which is a pity, because I hear no end of people saying they oppose the DUP’s change of tack, but can’t bring themselves to give a party led by Bob a chance.

    Ironically Clifford Smyth is infinitely superior as a communicator- I remember an Equal Citizenship rally in the Ulster Hall when Smyth as chairman was head and shoulders above Bob as the main draw in terms of delivery.

  • Forget McCartney, Willie Frazer is the man newDUP need to worry about. This man has the real life experience lacking in so many of newDUP’s politicos. Thanks to Frazer it could be a p45 for Mr Hay in Foyle. As for Newry and Armagh there will be a slick anti-agreement campaign – without the need for baby oil!