SDLP PEB online

Sadly the YouTube site is down at the moment, but you can get a sneak preview of the SDLP’s PEB here.


  • middle-class taig

    Not bad from the SDLP. We’re listenting to you while the rest just slabber at you. Not bad.

    Kind of shows up the difficulties in the medium, though – too short for substantive analysis, susceptible to schmaltzy nonsense, hard to present more than one coherent thought. I thought the music was an ice-cream van coming at the start; later I thought it was the theme tune for Hollywood weepie.

    I found Durkan plausible and avuncular – a safe pair of hands – the kind of guy I’d give my second preference to. I liked the cross-communinity nature of it, in the sense that it largely avoids conflict related issues. I’d be disappointed, if I were the SDLP, not to see my cross-community transfers inch up.

    One point, I found a disconnect between the SDLP and the video diarists – are they members, people the SDLP interviewed, focus groupers, actors?

    Good attempt to frame the conversation on the SDLP’s stroner ground.

  • SuperSoupy

    Like the UUP one a good effort. Exactly the same concept as the UUP one – using ordinary people.

    Well, the UUP admitted their ordinary people were party members.

  • uupvoter

    Wow, not to sound trite but the SDLP peb was really good, ok yes, I recognise alot of the video diarists as SDLP members but sure people are still people and live in the same world whether they are in a political party or not.

    Good efforts by the UUP and SDLP in contrast with a amateur attempts by the DUP and Sinn Fein.


    Excellent effort. It’ll be interesting to see if the shinners are motivated to up their fairly mediocre game in the PEB stakes.

  • middle-class taig

    where can I find the SF and DUP PEBs?

  • SuperSoupy

    SF PEB:

  • SuperSoupy

    Having thought further about the SDLP PEB it seems like it could be a tactical error.

    They had an intensive pre-election run up were they tried to play SF on their field and were described as trying to ‘out green the shinners’ both here and elsewhere. This sudden shift of emphasis to soft focus politics and PR gimmicks like Valentine cards seems odd.

    It reeks of a PR company, focus group driven exercise that has lead them to immediately ditch the posturing of just a few weeks ago and all the ground work that had been in place.

    Such a sudden change of emphasis seems to make their work of the last 6 months redundant and any attempt to work the ‘middle-ground’ may be doomed as they have spent so long alienating a certain type of voter by appearing to be chasing after SF’s votes.

  • kensei

    Haven’t really liked either of the Nationalist parties PEBs. I thought the background music is SF’s was trite traditional stuff of the worst kind but Jesus, the SDLP managed to find something worse.

    The key for me is that SF at least outlined what it was about, and can at least be measured on opposition to the 11+, water rates and the like in the next Assembly. The SDLP had a go at other parties. Where is the beef?

  • Interesting that SF told a blatent lie in their PEB that they abolished the 11+. Of course this is rubbish- after all, why else would we still be having the debate about transfer procedures several years later. The fact is that McGuinness would have gotten a severe rap across the knuckles for his ‘pronouncement’ on the 11+ in the dying stages of the Assembly had it not collapsed.

  • Bob Wilson

    No El Mat yer wrong 11 plus IS to be abolished – we just dont have a replacement!!

  • SuperSoupy

    El Mat,

    No. Why would you lie? Everyone knows the 11+ is going. That can’t and won’t be stopped. And it is good.

    The British have left the door open on alternative forms of selection. The Assembly gets to decide on what if any, if the Assembly doesn’t get up and running we enter a weird limbo of schools selecting how they wish but certainly not via the 11+.

    SF got rid of it.

    I’d remind you your party, the SDLP, endorse McGuiness’ move.

  • SS-

    Oh I see, so no one else was involved in bringing us to the point where we are at today where the system of tranfer to secondary education is to be decided upon apart from Sinn Féin and Sinn Féin alone?

    Didn’t the Assembly Education Committee agree that change was necessary prior to McGuiness’ announcement? Was that committee made up of solely SF MLAs? I think not.

    Hadn’t Gallagher and Smith already identified problems long before this? Wasn’t there the independent Costello and Burns reports? Wasn’t it up to Jane Kennedy to oversee the actual transition when the Assembly collapsed?

    Granted McGuinness took a leading role in initiating moves to overhaul the system, but as i said before, to claim that ‘Sinn Féin abolished the 11+’ is simply untrue. For one person to wield such power would be tantimount to dictatorship. Maybe that’s what SF wants.

    Instead of making such claims, progressive parties on this issue should unite to look at creating a fairer system for the future and combat those who continue to support a regime which favours those who can afford tuition and stigmatises children at the age of 11 based on a couple of tests. The job isn’t finished.

  • SuperSoupy

    No offence El Mat but you have just retracted your earlier nonsense. The climb down is now cloaked in nonsense but obvious.

    SF and only SF got rid of the 11+ as one of the last moves in the functioning Assembly.

    Your party thinks it was a good idea, get on the page.

  • What relevance has the fact that the SDLP thinks abolition is a good idea to my assertion that SF oughtn’t to make out that they were the only ones who brought it about? If anything it shows that there was general movement in favour of abolition, rather than it being an inspired move by SF. Getting rid of the 11+ is a good idea. Sinn Féin cannot claim sole credit for the move. Plus, as I said, we don’t yet have a replacement, so no one can claim success until we have reached the point where we have a fair system. Effort must be put into bringing about a positive alternative rather than disingenuously resting on one’s laurels as if the job’s been done. It hasn’t.

  • SuperSoupy

    SF can claim sole credit because it was a ministerial decision by their minister. The SDLP while possibly agreeing didn’t make it happen. It was a SF decision.

    You have tried to claim it didn’t happen, then you had a part in it. What next? It was actually the SDLP that did it?

    Utter nonsense from you but god you try.

    You clearly forget that people reading this site are politically aware when you try this utter bullshit, do you try these lies at the doorstep?

  • DMCM

    SuperSoupy, maybe then you’ll agree that it was Sinn Fein alone that downgraded the hospital in Omagh?
    This action occurred when Bairbre DeBRun was the heath minister. Agree?

  • Elvis Parker

    ‘The British have left the door open on alternative forms of selection’
    Those evil Brits again. It would have been much better if they had ignored the wishes of the people yes?

  • SS-

    Well if that’s the case, I guess we can claim that Brid Rodgers and the SDLP single-handed defeated foot-and-mouth.

    Don’t be so ludicrous- no Minister had the power to act unilaterally in such a manner as you describe. They may have taken a lead, as I’ll happily agree McGuinness did in relation to the transfer test, but to claim ‘SF scrapped the 11+’ is bordering on the insane.

    I will concede however that the people on this site are politically aware- that is why they have long since ignored the pre-programmed ramblings of people such as yourself. You actually do more harm to your cause as you undermine those Sinn Féiners who can actually construct a decent case in their favour.

  • J Kelly

    El-Mat maybe your nit picking at anything Sinn Fein is bordering on the insane How about this for an untruth the SDLP ensured that no RUC Old guard became chief constable I am not very good with grammar could those with proper english put the the puncuation in for me just in case i end up in the libel courts

    On the ads I have only seen the SF and SDLP’s and I have to say none of them really did it for me. Sinn Fein tried too hard to include everything and everyone, the music was dire. The SDLP more than 1/2 way gone before you new who it was from and back to the old one what are the SDLP about. Father Durkan was a little bit off putting. You cant be all things to all people.

    It looks like all the parties have decided on a ground war rather than an air war very little stunts and gimmicks about yet.

  • brendan,belfast

    So SF got rid of the 11+ all on their own, without having a replacedment in place…..i hold that against them.