Fascinating Flickr

I’ve always enjoyed the Flickr stream that accompanies Slugger, and over the past week or 10 days, I’ve been struck by some of the images posted by Damien Okada Gough. A little bit of searching provided me with this fascinating interview he conducted with the Real IRA in 2003. Damien lives with his wife in Japan now, but worked as a reporter for Channel 9 in Derry before leaving. No matter where we come from or what views we hold, I think its vital to understand the thinking of everyone else around us, even if we neither agree nor subscribe to it. It helps us understand how other people perceive the world. This interview certainly provides some very interesting and valuable insights into this organisation.

Normko is another Flickerite to have grabbed my attention recently, with his collection of QUB photos from 1970. He doesn’t remember who the people in the photographs are, but has no doubt that they are pillars of society! If you recognise anyone, let him know. There are about 70 photos in the set, so it might make for a fun afternoon for someone or their offspring.