Chocoholics turn to crime

I loved this story from earlier this evening, it seemed to suit my mood! A retired Professor from Belfast randomly phoned the Halifax this week to check his balances and found his savings account had been cleared of £20,000 which had then been transferred to his current account without his knowledge or consent. The enterprising thief/thieves then ordered £15,000 of chocolates from Thorntons and sent a van to pick up the order within 15 mintues. So, what to do with the spare £5,000? Well, every little helps so they spent the rest on Tesco vouchers. The Professor was quite taken aback that no-one had called him to verify such unusual transactions.

I was also a little surprised. I bank on the internet with First Direct, and when I was in Berlin last month, they phoned me on the mobile to check it was me making purchases there, as they hadn’t noted me there before. I was a little miffed at the time, and felt Big Brother was truly alive and well, but it seems a lot more reasonable now that this has been reported. The retired Professor has been re-imbursed but remains puzzled as to how it could have happened. I’ll be waiting for the boxes of Thorntons to arrive any moment now lads!

  • Aislingeach

    That goes beyond standard chocoholic into the realm of Oompa Loompas. Does anyone know just how much ‘luxury chocolate’ that sort of money can buy?

  • Rory

    Whoever those are who diverted the prof’s dosh towards the purchase of chocolate it is clear that they possess all the necessary acumen and lack of conscience befitting a career in modern business. These lads should go far.

  • Miss Fitz

    No, but I will have fierce fun imagining……

  • Rebecca Black

    Yes, I heard this story on the way back from college today. What a way to spend £15k. The thief was clearly a woman and clearly a woman after our own hearts Miss Fitz!!

  • ozzy

    Watch out for the cheap chocolate at car boots or the like wise!

  • willis

    What would the other Fitz have made of this?

  • Yokel

    A clever robbery, though clearly wrong. If it was me I’d have choked the feckers on a bar of mint crisp shoved wide ways down their necks.

    How much chocolate for 15k? Depends on whether you go individual pieces in a box or bars don’t it….

  • dalek

    Hazel Knutts corner anyone….

  • Crataegus

    Identity crime is all too easy. If you want to borrow to buy a car all you need is a driving licence and a utility bill both of which can easily be copied. What do you need to take money out of an account? Not a lot when you think about it. If you have any money spread it over accounts and use only one piece of plastic and one means of internet type transfer and isolate it from all other accounts. On your computer make very sure that you run anti virus and anti spyware software and don’t give your details and watch for the fake e-mails allegidly from your bank etc.

    If you start thinking like a criminal you soon realise that security is less important than ensuring that the obstacles are not too onerous that they repel business. Also we are far too trusting, how often has someone phoned you and asked for an interview to sell a pension, financial services or whatever? Person arrives and gives you a business card and I bet 99% of you wouldn’t even think that the person may not be who they claim. Always double check, fortunately the vast majority are genuine but the one in a thousand who is not could cause you real grief.

    Can’t get into the kitchen or bath for chocolates. 8 cubic metres of the dam stuff and all the same flavour.

  • Alan

    Well, unlike the £ 26,000,000 at least they’ll be able to melt it down and sell at as wonka bars.

    Now, I’m not by any means suggesting . . .

  • jone

    It was 500 boxes of fudge and 1000 boxes of chocolates – about 6 pallets worth. Wholesale £15k, retail about £20k.

  • eranu

    you have to wonder why spend 15k on chocolate? if id just got myself 20k i wouldnt waste it on chocolate. i wonder is the person a 15 year old computer nerd who can fake an identity whenever he wants and only did this for a laugh? perhaps hes done this so often that hes now a bored millionaire looking for kicks..

  • JimBob McCoy

    i think that u shood rob people for hocolate, mmmmmmm lovely chocolate

  • Rory

    Clearly this caper was executed by someone of arrested development who, seduced by TV ads in childhood. always yearned to saY, “The Milky Bars are on me!”, but adulthood has now brought him a sophisticated taste for Belgian chocolate.

    Perhaps then someone who also has a fixation on things Belgian hmmm! (See another thread).

    “Eet is all in ze leetle grey cells”.

  • jimbob mccoy

    hey everybody, (hey dr nick) i think that this is a hilarious piece of news, who found out about this??? please tell me on my web site guestbook


    vote conservative!!!

  • the spam man

    i hate chocolate and i thiunk thorntons shood be closed down, espiacialy if they are that easyily robbed
    i hate CHOCOLATE down wif chocolate


    ps vote DUP not bloody conservative,
    thanks, u wastes of space!!! hahaha

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