Chocoholics turn to crime

I loved this story from earlier this evening, it seemed to suit my mood! A retired Professor from Belfast randomly phoned the Halifax this week to check his balances and found his savings account had been cleared of £20,000 which had then been transferred to his current account without his knowledge or consent. The enterprising thief/thieves then ordered £15,000 of chocolates from Thorntons and sent a van to pick up the order within 15 mintues. So, what to do with the spare £5,000? Well, every little helps so they spent the rest on Tesco vouchers. The Professor was quite taken aback that no-one had called him to verify such unusual transactions.

I was also a little surprised. I bank on the internet with First Direct, and when I was in Berlin last month, they phoned me on the mobile to check it was me making purchases there, as they hadn’t noted me there before. I was a little miffed at the time, and felt Big Brother was truly alive and well, but it seems a lot more reasonable now that this has been reported. The retired Professor has been re-imbursed but remains puzzled as to how it could have happened. I’ll be waiting for the boxes of Thorntons to arrive any moment now lads!