I wont be going away, you know

I was going to post something very chirpy to celebrate my 100th post, but another thread has reminded me how difficult and isolating this blogging lark can be. When the conversation started about the dearth of female bloggers on Slugger many months ago, I initially resisted, as I felt there were more reasons against it than for it. That hasnt changed all that much.

As a woman on a predoninantly male site, it has been very challenging to blog here from the very first post. I was very tempted to throw the towel in for quite a while, but was encouraged by some of the others to try and carry on. In that respect, things have settled down greatly, and I think most of the men are slightly more used to having a woman aboard ship. I have made a few mistakes (2), but by and large, I try to post from my own personal perspective and point of view. Actually, that was the only thing I was asked to do…. write about what interests you! I have learned that life is short and we should make the most of it, but at the same time we should certainly always attempt to enlighten ourselves and not retain one fixed view of the world. In other words, ligthen up lads……

On his ‘anniversary’, Fair Deal invited critiques. Yes, well, guess who isnt going down that sure road to a kicking. You can comment, but lets try to remain positive!

Instead of you telling me….. I’ve decided to have a little fun of my own and have created my ‘birthday’ list, and imbued myself with magical powers for the night to give presents to my Slugger colleagues.

First, I am going to wave my magic wand over Fair Deal and Chris Donnelly. They will be inextricably linked for the next 4 days, and in that time they will jointly attend a Black Saturday march, as well as an IRSP Hunger Strike Commemoration. Ah, but, thats not all………. They will each enjoy each celebration equally, and appreciate the others culture. If there is time, Fair Deal should go to Croke Park on Sunday and Chris to a Rangers game.

Right then, next is Gonzo. Easy choice, he gets a Life Time Subscription to the Belfast Telegraph, assuming it lasts that long.

Next is Pete Baker, of whom I have grown very fond. .He gets a new anorak, and a new foil hat, or tin hat or knitted hat, or whatever he likes.

Michael Shilliday gets a life subscription to Tai Chi or Yoga, or some other appropriate method of relaxation.

George, I rather fancy giving you a life subscription to Croke Park.

And Mick. Dear Mick. Well, I have decided Mick gets a Billiards table. So many balls and no men, so he can be happy and content there.

Feel free to contribute your wee pieces………..

  • slug

    I have enjoyed your blogging, it seems very fair minded and interesting. It was interesting to get your coverage of the 12th. You actaully went along and gave your views on the day, not in a hostile way but in a constructive way. I think that you make a great contribution.

  • Pete Baker

    Congrats on the centenary, Miss Fitz.

    And to many hundreds more.

    You’re a valuable addition to the Slugger crew.

    *a new tin foil hat?!! Woo-Hoo!!!*

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I think Miss Fitz has been a great addition to the blogroll. Long may she continue.

  • Miss Fitz

    Cheers guys…. presents in the post!!!

  • Crataegus

    Miss Fitz

    Congrats, you bring a human touch to a pit of pedantic vipers.

    No progress on the CPP?

  • pitt park

    Well done Miss Fitz and long may you continue your contributions to Slugger.

  • Miss Fitz

    You know, it was all a joke, but there are times when the CPP seems like the most logical and positive thing that could come out of Northern Ireland in recent times.

    I voted SDLP when I came here first, and then SF. I can tell you I wont be voting SF next time around, nor will many others I know of. What does that leave a middle of the road person?

    I know IJP would rush in and talk about Alliance, but it has too much baggage.

    What we genuinely need is a party of people committed to the future, to change and to leaving past factionism behind.

    What we desperately need are people with the courage vision and foresight to find our common purpose and forge a new path for us.

    I have never abstained from an election in my life, but as the cards came in tonight, I had no idea of who I could honestly vote for next time round

    Heres to Common Purpose!!

  • Crataegus

    Miss Fitz

    You know, it was all a joke,


    I can identify with how you feel. Like yourself I always vote and have a long tradition of voting for independents and minority groupings. Will not vote for the main parties as I find sectarian head counts abhorrent.

    I know that come the next election day I will have that sinking feeling when looking down the list of candidates and think who do I detest least, is there a none of the above box I can tick? I also think there needs to be a new grouping free from baggage but can’t see it happening. Anyway next election I will probably be voting in Camden.

  • miss fitz fan

    oh you boring fuckin slapper, try putting up a real post that interest people, female me-arse you probably have a bigger cock than mick fealty

  • Miss Fitz

    There are organisations out there that can help you, dont be ashamed about phoning as asking for advice. Penis envy can be very destructive.

    As to my being a man, well you’ll never know, will you! 🙂

  • Rory

    Congratulations, Miss Fitz, may you live to write a thousand.

    Now I don’t wish to put a damper on the celebrations, and far be it from me to question the sincerity of another contributor, but I somehow have a strong suspicion that that last fellow isn’t really a fan at all. But never mind, I am – with the added advantage that, unlike himself, I’m a member of the human race.

  • willis

    Happy 100th Miss Fitz

    Surely a telegram from the Queen would be only right, or should that be an e-mail.

    Hope the kids got good results.

  • Fanny

    “Penis envy can be very destructive.”

    Tsk tsk, Miss Fitz. Play the ball not the cock.

    But congrats from this here unenvious one, and long may you roll.

    Your contribution to Slugger has been and continues to be excellent. You bring such a positive and refreshing feel to the blog at such times when it threatens to descend into yet another (dare I say it) cock fight and bout of whataboutery. We need you.

    So happy 100th post and much respect.

  • fair_deal


    Sorry to bust the stereotype but I think the Black is a waste of time (even though I remain a member). Also I have already attended a couple of republican events down through the years although they wewre SF/Provo stuff not irps.

  • willis

    Fair deal

    Stop playing the ball!

  • geuinemissfitzfan

    “Next is Pete Baker, of whom I have grown very fond. .He gets a new anorak, and a new foil hat, or tin hat or knitted hat, or whatever he likes. ”

    To add to that, may I suggest one of the anoraks the electoral commission has produced – navy blue with “I’m a political anorak” on the back. I thought they were very good and Mark Davenport has one – what better recommendation could there be! Maybe they do matching hats too.

    As for voting Sinn Fein, I actually am genuinely shocked by that admission! Although I do agree a new party is needed in NI.

  • Animus

    Congrats Miss Fitz, I’ve enjoyed your posts too. What I particularly like about your style is that you blog about things which are not overtly political. Many commentators spend so much time in a political pissing contest, which is fun but gets tiring.

    Northern Ireland will come up in the world when politicians start linking bread and butter issues with policy changes to benefit everyone (particularly those most vulnerable), not linking bread and butter issues with sectarian point scoring.

    I’m disappointed that you’re only giving gifts to other bloggers. What about the rest of us?! Don’t we deserve a shiny new anorak?

  • Nevin

    If every Prime Minister needs a Willie surely every blog needs a Fanny ….

    Congratulations Miss Fitz!!

  • Ash

    Miss Fitz
    I read Slugger often and have commented only 3 or 4 times. I am always happy to see one of your posts, as they are intelligent, fair and interesting. Too often, the debate here leaves me feeling totally pissed of about the levels of animosity and fear shown. Plenty of women are interested in politics and it does me good to see you representing us so well.

    By the way, what is CPP?

  • Ash

    Ah heck, I should have checked before hitting submit, I meant ‘pissed off’ above. Bah!

  • lib2016

    Congrats! Keep on trying to be fair and you’ll hear no complaints from me. I’m sure that many of us would be interested in hearing more about your political journey if you ever feel like sharing it with us.

  • joeCanuck

    You’re doing a great job Miss Fizz, especially when you try to drag us away from navel gazing and look out at the finer things.
    Keep it up.

  • smirkyspice

    congrats missfitz – you’re a breath of fresh air and i am a fan… you’ve been a great addition to the slugger team, don’t let themmuns bring you down… norn iron needs more like you! all the best 🙂

  • bertie

    “As for voting Sinn Fein, I actually am genuinely shocked by that admission!”

    Me too. I’m glad to know now and I would have to consider myself a former fan.

  • Miss Fitz

    Thanks y’all. I had really intended making sure to thank all of you who have been so supportive, written e-mails, and generally fed back and made this such an adventure. I was the least likely person in the world to have taken this task on, so I am rather surprised that I have enjoyed it so much, and found it so rewarding.

    Animus, I had actually started to add many of the regular contributors to my birthday list, but it would have taken a week to read it. But a big hug to all from me, in thanks.

    Now to a few specifics from the above.

    Fair Deal, consider yourself lucky, I had originally wanted you to spend the week with Catriona Ruane. And the other thing was, attending was enough, you had to enjoy it…….

    Rory, I’d never had a fan before, so while I had expected something different, I was still willing to accept the comments. His e-mail was ‘newsroom@bbc.co.uk’, so either he was spoofing that or I have a fan in the Beeb.

    Ash, the CPP is the name of a political party I started here on Slugger about 6 months ago. I wasnt posting then, so didnt have to behave myself…. It stands for ‘Common Purpose Party’ and I had a cabinet composed of Sluggers. Well, I actually had a manifesto, public relations plan and fundraising strategy, so technically I was better set up than Alliance.

    Willis, cheers, and my son did very well in AS. One more year, and I emigrate when my job is done. Had a visit with the Queen once, so that is as much as I can take in one lifetime…

    Genuine fan: Yeah, I felt a couple of years ago that the SDLP had nothing to offer, and that SF deserved a leg up on the democratic ladder. Their failure to support policing, among other things, has left me turned against them, and I will look at the whole range of candidates the next time here.

    Wow, hope I got everyone, and I am really quite humbled. Will try and keep it interesting, balanced and fair. Oh, and above all, fun!

  • Miss Fitz

    Sorry to hear that Bertie, but I see no reason not to be honest.

    I just dont believe that you take a political position at birth and slavishly hold to it for life. There are times that you need to step outside your comfort zone and take a chance for the sake of the future.

    The challenge was for SF to fully engage with the process, and in my mind that has not happened. There you go.