Prettier in Pink

I really couldnt resist this. Playstation are hoping to capture the ‘girly’ market and have produced a limited edition Pink Playstation. I would have provided a photo, but have used all my Flickr memory for the month. 🙁

I know I fall victim to this myself all the time. For instance, they sell Pink Domestos bleach now, and while it smells exactly the same as the other stuff, I much prefer the pink bottle. Images and colour must be very powerful in the world of marketing indeed. Cleverly Sony have said that this is funky, fresh and fashionable and have avoided telling us that it’s geared to girls. Mind you, cant see my son lining up for one. Reminds me of the woman in Ballymena whose son kept borrowing her Harley Davidson, so she bought a pink one and he never rode it again.