Former Irish News editor direct descendant of Jesus?

It’s one of those things you dearly wish you had thought of first. American woman Kathleen McGowan has written a book about her ancestors, and has been signed by Simon and Schuster to complete a trilogy for a 7-figure sum. Oh, her ancestors were none other than Jesus and Mary Magdalene, hence the almighty international attention being bestowed on this author. On her website, it tells us that she was the Editor in Chief of Belfast’s the Irish News and Entertainment. (It’s there, I didnt make it up) I also see that she now lectures on how powerful women are villified, which is a pretty handy trick when you are making some highly contentious and dubious claims about your granny.

Kathleen self published her book last year, and sold 2500 copies. I expect that although she has been doing reseacrch for 20 years, the publication of the Da Vinci Code was of enormous help with her publicity and promotion.
She also invites us on her website to ‘Come Dance With Me In Ireland – A celebration of the misty green island that saved civilization – my ancestral home & the land of my heart . Obviously, I will hold judgement until I’ve read the book, but I suspect Kathleen’s writing is more in the line of fantasy than family.