Former Irish News editor direct descendant of Jesus?

It’s one of those things you dearly wish you had thought of first. American woman Kathleen McGowan has written a book about her ancestors, and has been signed by Simon and Schuster to complete a trilogy for a 7-figure sum. Oh, her ancestors were none other than Jesus and Mary Magdalene, hence the almighty international attention being bestowed on this author. On her website, it tells us that she was the Editor in Chief of Belfast’s the Irish News and Entertainment. (It’s there, I didnt make it up) I also see that she now lectures on how powerful women are villified, which is a pretty handy trick when you are making some highly contentious and dubious claims about your granny.

Kathleen self published her book last year, and sold 2500 copies. I expect that although she has been doing reseacrch for 20 years, the publication of the Da Vinci Code was of enormous help with her publicity and promotion.
She also invites us on her website to ‘Come Dance With Me In Ireland – A celebration of the misty green island that saved civilization – my ancestral home & the land of my heart . Obviously, I will hold judgement until I’ve read the book, but I suspect Kathleen’s writing is more in the line of fantasy than family.

  • David Icke

    While researching my family history it occurred to me that we may well be direct descendants of Adam and Eve.
    Should I write a book?

  • Miss Fitz

    Only if the million quid would come in handy David

  • We regularly run into people in this state who tell us they ARE Jesus.

    Should I sign on as their agent?

  • Miss Fitz

    I think 30% is a good cut Smilin’ Jim, so go for it my son!


    It wouldn’t be the first irish person to claim their maternal lineage was virgin from first to last.

  • Pete Baker

    Hmm.. Miss Fitz

    I saw a quote in the Belfast Telegraph that the website claimed – “She worked as a staff writer and editor for a number of publications and was ultimately the Editor-in-Chief of The Irish News” – when they also carried the denial of any record of her ever being a staff member from The Irish News.

    I think there may have been a misinterpretation of what the website actually says, assuming the text hasn’t been changed since the Telegraph story.. Oh, and the Belfast Telegraph may have misinterpreted first, Miss Fitz – so don’t feel too bad ;o)

    “Moving overseas to report on the political conflict in the North of Ireland, Kathleen was also a staff writer before becoming editor-in-chief at The Irish News and Entertainment”

    After a little digging I suspect that is intended to mean The Irish News and Entertainment

    Listed on the Irish Embassy website in Washington as a monthly magazine[scroll down] based in Pasadena, California.

    Google search here

    On the other hand if you scroll down this list of reviews by Kathleen McGowan on, you’ll find a review of “Kathleen McGowan’s debut novel, The Magdalene Line: Book I, The Expected One” listed under the line “The following review is used by permission of The Irish News:”

    So perhaps the misinterpretation was intended…

  • Miss Fitz

    Ah but Pete, I never said which Irish News now did I? 🙂 All the links will take you to the story, and that has to be the fun with a story like this.

  • Miss Fitz

    Well, OK, I admit I said Belfast’s Irish News, but to be fair, there is a lot of ambiguity about her background and past. Anyway, the main gist of the thread is really about her claims and her lineage.

  • Pete Baker

    Hmmm.. you did actually say Belfast’s Irish News and Entertainment, Miss Fitz.. and, in any event, the Belfast Telegraph certainly thought it was Belfast’s Irish News. :o)

  • Pete Baker

    I see you got there before I could hit the button, Miss Fitz.

    Her claims, given the misdirection she uses on her website and in that list of Amazon reviews – seemingly reviewing her own book – should perhaps be taken under advisement ;o)

  • Miss Fitz

    Pete, seriously, did you see the review she wrote on Amazon about Bobby Sands?
    ‘Bobby Sands, equipped with only a contraband ballpoint pen refill cartridge and toilet paper, wrote some of the most affecting and powerful poetry of this century’

    I wonder what Heaney wrote?

  • Pete Baker

    I just noticed that, previously I stopped when I found her review of her own book.. which I had thought was misleading enough on its own.

  • harpo

    ‘American woman Kathleen McGowan’

    She isn’t related to Mad Bob is she?

    She sure sounds like it.

  • harpo

    From that conference that she is speaking at, she seems wrapped up in all this new agey, feel good, discover yourself crap. Plus some Celtic content in her case.

    I always wonder how these people decide that they are direct descendents of famous people from history.

    They’re like those yoyos who claimed to have lived past lives. They always claimed to have been Nero or Cleopatra or Louis XIV.

    They were never peasants who died at age 15.

    This bird is the same. She’s a direct descendent of Jesus and Mary M. Right.

  • P O’Neil

    Despite the Merovingian/Jesus and Mary M bloodline being entirely discredited it hasn’t stopped ignorant and needy dupes believing in it. Nor has it stopped ‘researchers’ and ‘scholars’ writting books about it (Holy Blood, Holy Grail; The Bloodline of the Holy Grail; The Magdalene Legacy; Realm of the Ringlords; The Jesus Papers and not forgetting the Da Vinci Code etc etc).

    The reason this connection (fable) is important is because these people actually believe that the ‘Messiah’ will come from this line. Other supposed historians and researchers have examined the Merovingian line, and insted of claiming descent from Jesus, have traced it back to the Tribe of Dan…

    Without a doubt, there is a hidden agenda being played out here ie as invisaged by Alice Bailey’s ‘Externalisation of the Hirachry’ in which it was stated that all the ‘work’ that had been done in secret to usher in the New Age, would no longer be carried out in secret, but gradually brought into the public consciousness.

    I would advise EVERYONE to read the interview with Nicholas De Vere von Drackenberg ( in which he openly discusses the ‘Satanic’ origins of the bloodline (they also claim to be descended from the Devil as well as Christ), Royal Witchcraft, and the ‘starfire’ ritual, which involves the ingestion of menstral blood. De Vere’s first book was the unacredited basis of Laurance Gardner’s works. Anyone who has read any of Gardner’s works will know that he is deliberately misleading his readers with a hypnotic blend of half-truths and lies.

    Keep an eye on these dangerous people as they continue to advance the agenda of our new ‘Masters’ (Dragonlords).

  • bertie

    Don’t Mormons (or at least some Mormons), think that Jesus came to live in America and did indeed have kids. There was a programe on about polygamists and one of the “wives” was telling us all about how she was a direst decendant of Jesus.

  • DK

    “Keep an eye on these dangerous people as they continue to advance the agenda of our new ‘Masters’ (Dragonlords).”

    okaaaay. Has anyone suggested that the Merovingians were descended from the Franks, a Germanic tribe with obscure origins in far Northern Europe, and therefore not connected with anyone in the middle east or “dragonlords”?

    Can I get a 7 figure deal please?

  • holdyn mcgroyn

    surely there is a vet out there who would put this woman down on compassionate grounds? NI already has more than its fair share of wacko nut-jobs.

    oh, and as for this story making the front of the belfast telegraph, the words ‘slow news day’ are screaming out.


    For all the talk about this womans outlandish claims, she isn’t really saying anything that is substantially more outlandish than the basic beliefs of the worlds biggest religions. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that however unlikely or improbable her tale, at least her claims are within the bounds of possibility and known science, unlike the beliefs and stories of some of the people here deriding her.

  • “Don’t Mormons (or at least some Mormons), think that Jesus came to live in America”

    The Native Americans were believed to be one of the lost tribes of Israel. Thus they treated the indians with greater respect and enjoyed better relations with them than the other Christians.

    Jesus did come to visit the lost tribes but cut out for some reason or another.

    Or at least that is what Joe Smith wrote having translated the information on the golden tablets and using the magic spectacles hidden in the cave which the Angel Moroni, after whom the religion is named, led him to just south of the family farm in upstate New York.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Despite the Merovingian/Jesus and Mary M bloodline being entirely discredited it hasn’t stopped ignorant and needy dupes believing in it.

    Large swathes of the entire Bible have been discredited, but it doesn’t stop people believing in that does it ? It’s funny how the God Squad always feel like can revert to scientific method when it comes to anything outside of their revered book of made-up fairy tales.

    The reason this connection (fable) is important is because these people actually believe that the ‘Messiah’ will come from this line.

    Worse, people actually believe that a carpenter from Nazareth was the Messiah. Not that far away from other daft notions, like the pulp science fiction author who discovered the 4 trillion year old secrets of humanity and the keys to eternal life. Or the guy who said he dug up some plates in a field in North America after being told do set up a new church by God.

  • Greenflag

    Tis the Aunty Christ herself bejayzuz:)

    Who said money and religion don’t go together ?

    Another couple of million suckers parted from their cash in pursuit of what ?

  • Mojo

    I, for one, will categorically state that I am not decendant of Jesus and Mary The M. Theye, on the other hand, are……….. uh, never mind. Hmmmm. What’s that on the horizon?

  • Tochais Siorai

    If JC & MM existed and had a child and that child had children and a bloodline got established then there would be millions of descendents.

    There was some research done a while back which showed George Bush was a direct descendent of Strongbow. Interesting enough until a maths professor (at DCU I think) produced a paper which showed about 70% of the current population of Ireland were direct descendents of Strongbow. Which isn’t far fetched at all if you consider there have been about 30-40 generations since he arrived in Ireland.

  • Longbow

    This battle has just begun! What a war of the words is being fought at the forum !! Go to the forums at the bottom of McGowan’s book page. There are three or four running arguments going on. Some get real nasty.

    Can lawyers be far behind?
    Remind me never to write a book.

  • Pete Baker


    That would be this Amazon book page

    And I see Slugger gets a mention in one of those discussions too.. ah, the power of Google..

  • Longbow

    Thanks for the link….and Slugger also appears in this huge discussion at usa today:

    You’ll have to cut and paste the url…I cant hyperlink here..


  • Longbow

    OOps…..just found this interesting forum (Ahhh…sweet google)
    where these people claim to know her when she was a Gardner-bloodline wanna-be groupie….

    Questions are being raised how you posted here…why is/was the word Belfast lined out when discussing McGowan as editor-in-chief?

    Can you find any publications anywhere in Ireland that can substantiate her claims she ‘worked’ for them or contributed anything??

  • Pete Baker


    I tried to explain that earlier in thread – comment 6 -, the Irish News and Entertainment is, in fact, a US based monthly magazine[?] listed on the Irish Embassy website with a Californian contact address – that’s why the original post was updated to remove [strikethrough] the Belfast reference.

    The wording of her claims for working as a journalist..

    “Moving overseas to report on the political conflict in the North of Ireland, Kathleen was also a staff writer before becoming editor-in-chief at The Irish News and Entertainment”

    ..are, I’d suggest, designed to be misleading – no actual reference to working for any Irish publications there.

  • alan

    I am a member of MCGowans online yahoo discussion group. I asked McG about this Irish news story circulating on the net. Here is the explanation I received

    This whole mess was started by a NY based news paper who wanted an interview with McGowan and when she didn’t get back to them fast enough they went to her web site picked up the bit that she worked in Ireland as a journalist and that she worked for The Irish News. The web site called the paper “The Irish News & Entertainment. The NY paper didn’t bother wit the entertainment part. McG lives in Los Angeles, the irish news & E is based in LA somewhere so there was nothing misleading or lying about putting that info on her web site. . But those with an agenda like to run with lies because it suits their agenda. I found the irish News paper she works from on her web site.

  • Clarkson

    Just a note here…I checked out the links posted by alan…yes indeed..they lead to a web page about Irish News in L.A. Now here’s the problem: the original complaint lodged against McGowanat it is her own “newsletter” and she
    wrote her own review about herself but claimed it came from this “Irish” newspaper. Can you show me the Irish newspaper that she actually worked for that she didn’t create herself? One that is somehow checkable and doesn’t lead directly back to McGowan?

  • alan

    The irish news posted on is the same paper she worked for. Sorry if this is so over your head Suzanne Olsson. For anyone who needs the inside on this nut job. Go to and search for Suzzanne Olsson. Then you will see why this nut is stalking McGowan. She failed to get any recognition for her writing about MM and now jealousy has taken over her life. Along with Peggy Flemming, Robin Crookshank Hilton these people (all woman)(which is so sad) have set their sites on spreading lies about McGowan. They took a story printed in error by a NY based paper and ran with the error. Turning it into a story. It reminds me of John Carey’s little mess up in the US when he botched a joke about Bush, those who were out to get him took the botched joke and even though the knew he didn’t insult the troops they took advantage of his screw up and in an attempt to discredit him they manipulated the story to their advantage. It backfired on them and this lie has back fired on these stalkers

  • alan

    You can find these hateful people at Robin Hilton Crookshanks little on-line rag

    Read olsson and RCH(crookshanks) hateful exchanges and you will get the picture.

    Crookshank and most of the other hates on the site are english. McGowan is of Irish decent. An Irish person gets a break , that must be painful for them.Gotta keep those paddies down.

  • Tom

    The article that everyone seems to be refering to appeared online until just a day or two ago.

    That interview with McGowan she told them she worked for a newspaper in Ireland. Now she says it was a mistake by the reporter, and everyone else is lying. But that site is dissapeared. The link is dead now. How can anyone verify her statements?

    Now McGowan says “”””The irish news posted on is the same paper she worked for”””

    So you are telling us that it was a lie and she never worked for any newspapers in Ireland? Or she was an editor for that paper? Or she created an online Irish newspaper herself? Or was the lie about contriving her own interviews at the L.A. paper?

    It doesn’t matter if the “Irish” newspaper is in L.A. or in Ireland. And contrary to what McGowan thinks, it’s no small matter when people are misled like that.

    McGowan should go to the forum where she claims everyone hates her and sort her own mess out herself, instead of the soppy excuses and attacks she offers here. It seems it’s not just one confused statement, but years of confused statements.

    The worse offense against “poor Irish paddies” comes from Irish wanna-be’s like McGowan.

    Even the “poor Irish paddies” are smart enough to see through her game with that low remark.

  • Tom

    Is that the same Sue Olsson who had to consult an attorney because McGowan used her material? How many times does this make now that McGowan has faced these same problems with others?

  • alan

    show us all the link/paper interview what ever it is you are referring to where it is written that she worked for a news paper in Ireland. You clai McG said she worked for a paper in Ireland. 2nd show us all where she changed her story. You are such a misleading liar with an agenda.

  • alan

    Sorry the address on McGowans site is

  • austin


    This thread is much more vindictive and entertaining than the usual Prods v the Taigs stuff. (Pete’s boring interjections aside)

    The only problem is that I don’t know whose side I’m meant to be on here!

  • alan

    Yes Tom/Suzzanne the same suzzanne who writes that jesus survived been nailed to a cross and escaped to india. McGownans book recieved 2 million and yours received 5 stars fro your friends on amazon. ealousy is a nasty ugly thing that will eat you up. I just hope it happens soon for you,.

    This is also the same Suzzanne Olsson who posts hateful remarks on at the bottom of the sign on page for the expected one

  • Tom

    The courts will decide.

  • Joe

    All internet actions can be traced. The records at amazon or anywhere else can trace every message back to the sender. The court would supoena the records from the servers.

    If the sender was at a terminal away from home,or even in a foriegn country, there are other ways to know if it was the same sender even if an alias was used. These records can only be obtained through an attorney or through the courts.

    A court would have the records from both sides.

  • alan

    Yes the courts could decide. Just like they did for Dan Browne.

  • alan

    re post 16 Suzzanne/joe/tom. You are such a smart person. To think that you know how the internet works how the law works etc. Wow thanks for the tips

  • alan

    Click on the names longbow,tom,joe and you will see this is the same wacko who’s real name is suzanne olsson posting as if she is three different people.

  • alan

    go to McGowan’s page at AMAZON.COM

    Notice of the last 10 reviews 8 of the reviewers used their REAL names. 2 used FAKE names.

    Notice anything strange? Keep in mind olsson posted here using 3 fake names.

  • alan

    I found this post on a forum where people spend their sad days attacking Kathleen McGowan. Suzanne Olsson who posts here under Longbow,Clarkson and Tom hands out there.

    This is not about McGowan but it tells you what these people are about,at heart.

    I agree with you that the effort should ideally be international. However, as we all know, the UN has no teeth of its own. It relies on member countries to supply the forces to wear its blue berets. Unfortunately such forces are usually unfit for purpose. The UN was useless in Cyprus. They have had little if any real impact in Lebanon. In Bosnia they stood by watching as men were massacred at Sebranicha. In Africa they even rape the local women and where were they when the Hutus massacred the Tutsis?

    Contrast this with Sierra Leone where a few years ago a single battalion of British paratroops put an end to a bloody civil war and stopped the gangs of armed thugs from chopping off the hands and other parts of civilians. Rumour has it that the President of that country was so impressed that he asked if Sierra Leone could be allowed to join the British Empire. Evidently he was most upset on being told that it no longer exists. He saw British rule (and respect for the law) as the best way forwards to ensure his country would not relapse into anarchy.

    Now I am not advocating Imperial adventurism. However, where do you draw the line? Do you accept human sacrifice as a cultural statement that must not be interferred with? Surely one good thing that the British did in India was to outlaw Thuggee and Suttee. It was a cultural intervention but clearly in defence of inalienable human rights that take precedence over local traditions.

    As regards the Scots and Gaelic: well they should be eternally grateful that we taught them English. No one in the world outside of the Hebrides speaks Gaelic and nobody else wants to. I doubt that Edinburgh and Glasgow would be the prosperous cities they are today if every time you wanted to buy a pint you had to do it in Gaelic. To have English as your first language instead of Gaelic is surely a gift beyond measure and something to be very thankful for. That applies even if the English you speak is as unintelligible as that of Rab C. Nesbitt!

    Mind you I don’t think the Scots were ever into tearing the hearts out of living victims or boiling babies to put in their haggis bags. So I can understand their lack of gratitude towards the English for imposing our superior culture on them. There again, what turns around comes around. We in England are now in the invidious position of being governed by a mainly Scottish Government . That is an unintended consequence of the Act of Union of 1707. Not only that but our torment seems never ending as we face the prospect of Gordon Brown imposing more and more Scottish Socialism on us. Surely it is we, the English, who are the victims and not the Scots. Per capita they pay less in tax yet receive more benefits (eg free University education) than we do in England. I say it’s time they were given their independence and we regained ours!

    Now just where are the Spanish when you need them?

    If you dare this is the address

  • Suzanne Olsson

    The article everyone is referring to about the Irish News appears here (taken from the PR release that Ms. McGowan gave her own Literary Agent)
    Quoting them:”Kathleen McGowan began her writing career as a teenage journalist. At the age of 21, she moved to Ireland to work as a reporter, specializing in the complex politics of Northern Ireland. During her time abroad, Ms. McGowan studied international folklore, mythology and the timeless art of storytelling in Europe and the Middle East. Kathleen worked as a staff writer and editor for a number of publications and ultimately as editor-in-chief of The Irish News.”

    Please note that she claims to be the editor in chief for the newspaper that wrote a ‘glowing review’ of her book. It is the Irish News in Ireland that raised the questions about her, not me.
    The response from an email to ‘sentinal@’ brought a response from Mr. Tabor.

    I have had nothing to do with raising these legitimate questions about the Irish News. . This was started by others.

    Ms. McGowan should be responding to them.

  • alan

    Ms McGowan does not have the time to tuck all the wannabe writers such as you Sue Olsson in at night. You are desperate for attention from The NY Times Best selling author and she is ignoring you. I am reminded of the line in the movie Fatal Attraction “I will not be ignored?.

    You are a sad sad person Sue.

    So what If a Newspaper McGowan worked for gave her a great review.

    You probably wouldn’t understand but most people leave a job hoping the old boss will give them a great review when and if needed.

    McGowan got a great review from her old boss. WOW. You just cannot stand it that this woman has everything you wanted and never got. It’s killing you that she got a good review from an old boss? You are so sad. Why don’t you go back to your friends at the mania forum

    You pretend to defend Mary Magdalene still you do nothing to defend her when a fellow poster refers to her as a BITCH and McGowan as HER MONGREL OFFSPRING.

    How can you stand by and allow this hateful trash talk about a woman you pretend to love, Mary Magdalene.

    You posted right after this hateful post but yet you ignored it. Who are you really?

    This is the post on that MANIA site

    “Hey Guys, What happened to all the bitching about the bitch and her mongrel off-spring? Have you run out of things to say or are court cases looming? We on the side-lines love to watch a good cat-fight. so how about some more scratching and hair-pulling!>

    Sue Olsson you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • alan

    Kathleen McGowan was beaten up yet again for coming out against so called psychic SYLVIA BROWNE. McGowan warned people about Browne on her e-mail forum.Now three weeks after McGowan warned the public about Browne, CNN broadcasts a major story on Sylvia Browne;

    “Browne told the parents of Shawn Hornbeck (on the Montel Williams Show 4 months after Shawn was abducted) that he was kidnapped by a Latino man with dreadlocks and murdered. She refused to speak with them before or after the show unless they paid her 700 dollars for a 20 minute session.” WOW.

    Also: This is from a website called STOP SYLVIA BROWN.
    The story of Sylvia Browne’s 1992 felony conviction in a case involving charges of grand theft and securities fraud.

    Thank you Kathleen McGowan for speaking out when it was unpopular to do so.

  • Michael

    Thew quote posted by ‘alan’ is very misleading.
    First you put into quotes this copy from the manie forum:

    “Hey Guys, What happened to all the bitching about the bitch and her mongrel off-spring? Have you run out of things to say or are court cases looming? We on the side-lines love to watch a good cat-fight. so how about some more scratching and hair-pulling!>

    You then followed this with a direct line to Olson:

    “”Sue Olsson you should be ashamed of yourself! “”

    This leads one to believe this quote came from Olson herself, when, in fact, the quote was made by Adrian Gilbert. Olsson chose to ignore his remark.

    And what does Sylvia Brown have to do with any of this?

  • alan

    My Question to Suzanne Olsson in post # 23 if you took the time to read it SUE is

    “How can you stand by and allow this hateful trash talk about a woman you pretend to love, Mary Magdalene”? You didn’t answer the Question.

    And re: What does Sylvia Browne have to do with all of this. All of what?

  • jonny8</script>

  • Robert

    I have been a member at Kathleen McGowan’s Yahoo forum almost since its beginnings. I can tell you we are certain that the person posting here as ‘alan’ is really Kathleen McGowan; we are no longer shocked by how much you twist facts around. I know why you’re tearing into Sue Olsson, and it’s not because she’s ‘stalking’ you. That’s your own wierd phsycho imagination at work, the drama queen of the Magdalene circuit forums trying to get more attention.

    Not once do we see that Sue is ‘green with envy’ of you. She’s understandably upset by you, just like we are. But it’s you that seems green with envy of her.

    “Twenty years self-funded research; ‘Indiana Jones’ of France’ (a very dangerous place) “I” was the first and only person to come out in public about the family of Jesus and the secret grail scrolls’

    You made those claims McGowan, and the truth is you copied everything from reviews that were published about Sue since five years ago. We even realized you changed your book week to week in your forum and bragged how it depended on the Dan Brown trials so you could cash in on their publicity.. We knew exactly who you were getting your ideas from.

    You made a lot of us feel genuinely sorry for Sue when your book came out. You ripped her off big time (not to mention Laurence Gardner, Michael Baigent, and Dan Brown) I emailed Sue and told her how I felt about the situation, and she never said an unkind thing about you. That’s a real lady.

    You took your so-called ‘Gospel of Magdalene’ from her website too. That got lifted from her website straight into your book. If there was one coincidence with her…maybe even two, we might call it that, “just a coincidence.” But it’s a lot more than coincidence when it’s dozens of similarities….if I was Sue I wouldn’t be so nice about it. Property theft , whether it’s intellectual or copyright protected, is still theft, and it’s still illegal.

    Just because you told the most convincing lies to your agent and publisher doesn’t make them ‘un-lies.’ All the money in the world can’t buy you respect Kathleen…and Sue has respect. It doesn’t matter if people don’t agree with her research. At least she spent twenty real years and honestly self funded her own work (sound familiar? We know who you got those ideas from) and Sue did it all the honest way…not by stealing the ideas from others for some quick easy publicity stunts and money. That eats you up, doesn’t it! She is everything you tried to convince the world you were.

    “I met Linda Goodman. I never met Linda Goodman. I wrote for the Belfast Irish News. I did not write for the Belfast Irish News. I was their editor. I was not their editor. Sylvia Brown has visions. She’s a nut case. I have visions. I am not a nut case. Believe me, not her. I had visions about Mary Magdalene. She is my ancestor. I had visions about Linda Goodman too. I am her heir too. (WOW! Both Linda Goodman and Mary Magdalene!) I am a witch. I got this 400 year old ring because I was the “expected one” (the world was expecting a witch to represent Christ and Magdaline? That’s a new surprise for the sacred feminine) I bought “the ring” from a shop in Egypt because I had to go to a séance at the pyramids and I needed something metallic.” Does all this seem confusing? It is.

    And yet it’s all things you said, that anyone can research on the internet and in your forum. You change your stories more times than a politician or a used car saleman just so you could sell book ideas. Let’s see, what is this? Your third attempt? Your fourth? You had to tell some real whoppers to sell this story. Then you went on national TV and tried to make out like this invented ring story was true, and from your own life. What a con job. We knew better but it was still a shock to see how shameless you could be where the dollar is concerned.

    All your claims on TV were cheap publicity stunts too. Just like your claims about Linda Goodman and Crystal Bush. Its pandering. It’s intellectual prostitution…not honest to goodness book research and writing. And definately no original thinking.

    You go on writing your own reviews too, because we can spot those a mile away. They’re pathetic. And you keep your millions if you can McGowan. Nobody is jealous of you. Disgusted yes, but jealous, no.

    Just remember this; all the money in the world will never earn you the respect that Sue has. Never. It’s one thing you don’t have and never will. Respect can’t be stolen or imitated. It has to be earned. And you haven’t earned it.

    And by the way, I made one of the posts you blamed on Sue. You were wrong again.

  • alan

    Sue Olsson. Your pathetic attempt at disguising you hate and venom towards Kathleen McGowan is PATHETIC. All anyone has to do is go through the hate mail you posts here and click on yot puppet names with the exception of this lates attempt all other attacks have come from the same e-mail address. You are not even smart enough to play this gaem you play. I pointed that out to you and now you call yourself ROBERT using A HOTMAIL ACCOUNT. Hotmail for those from eire is an account people like sue use to really hide their identity. Only Sue left a trail of trash much like bread crums. That trash is called hatefull words she uses everwhere she posts. She is a one woman hate show. O yes their are others from time to time who raise an ugly head but it is SUE here who carries the biggest torch. Sue is on a mission because truly believes she was wronged. Yes Sue you were wronged but it was by every publisher on the planet who said NO to your notes on the subject of Mary MAgdalene. KAthleen McGowan now and has always lead the way on when it came to MM. I read her books and read her posts on her forum and she is a genius on the subject. She is in Europe writing book 2 and your in Florida spewing venum.

    You are nothing more than a woman overcome with jealousy. If you are so sure you were wronged then go to court. If you have so much proof that you were plagiarized then sue YES SUE, SUE. By the way. Where can I or anyone find you (shelf) published book. I did a google search. You do not exist in the publishing world. Don’t come back with a lame excuse like I pulled the book so I could edit it BS. Where is the book you wrote?.

  • Rory

    You sure opened a bag of nuts with this one, Miss Fitz. I was almost moved to check out my own geneaology but momma died without ever figuring out who my pappy was. To tell the whole truth, she couldn’t even remember giving birth to me. So it could be that I am the true messiah. Couldn’t it?

    All funds to aid further research into this important and exciting possibility will be gratefully acknowledged.

  • alan

    Ckeck on the link below. It will take you to a website with info posted by someone who really knows Suzanne Olsson. Olsson is the person slandering McGowan all over the internet. She uses puppet names in an attempt to hide but her venom looks the same regardless of the name she signs underneath.

  • alan

    Suzanne: you claim on the website posted below(wikipedia) to have made international headlines and I quote “She made international headlines when she was caught in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan,

    Where can one find this story?

  • Lori

    The original problems raised here that remain un-answered:

    Posted by LKJ Literary Agency in July 2006,(representing McGowan)

    “Kathleen worked as a staff writer and editor for a number of publications and ultimately as editor-in-chief of ‘The Irish News.” (what publications? Name one, or two, that can be independently verified)

    Here is ‘version number two’ interview with the “Irish News” from Miss McGowan’s own website:
    (No date-no author, or editor, or writer credits) In her alleged interview with the “Irish News and Entertainment” (no mention of a Los Angeles base for this publication either, but now the name of the paper has changed again) she claims this interview took place in Dublin, leading one to believe that this ‘Irish News’ was indeed based in Dublin:
    Appears here:

    From her website, yet a third and completely different version of an interview with (the same? A different publication?) ‘The Irish News” dated February 5, 2005 (again, no author or editor has signed their name to this):

    The original questions raised at the Slugger O’Toole forum started here at message # 6 dated July 30, 2006, posted by Peter Baker (is Peter Baker also Sue Olsson?)

    “”””I saw a quote in the Belfast Telegraph that the website claimed – “She worked as a staff writer and editor for a number of publications and was ultimately the Editor-in-Chief of The Irish News” – when they also carried the denial of any record of her ever being a staff member from The Irish News.
    … “Moving overseas to report on the political conflict in the North of Ireland, Kathleen was also a staff writer before becoming editor-in-chief at The Irish News and Entertainment”
    After a little digging I suspect that is intended to mean The Irish News and Entertainment
    Listed on the Irish Embassy website in Washington as a monthly magazine[scroll down] based in Pasadena , California .
    Google search here
    On the other hand if you scroll down this list of reviews by Kathleen McGowan on, you’ll find a review of “Kathleen McGowan’s debut novel, The Magdalene Line: Book I, The Expected One” listed under the line “The following review is used by permission of The Irish News:” “”””

    In all of the above, the reader is left to wander in aimless circles or be directed back to McGowan’s own website. She was a ‘staff writer’ who reported on conflicts in Ireland ?? Where? When? For whom? A former employer helped her out by writing the reviews for her? Who? Where? What newspaper that can be verified independently? Where are the links to these newspapers that can be traced and are available OFF McGowan’s website?

    The “Irish News of Los Angeles” and the elusive editor who is always writing these reviews ‘as a kindness to a former employee’ can never be pinned down. The name and location of the ‘Irish News” seems to change several times. Her claims, given the misdirection she uses on her website and in that list of Amazon reviews – seemingly reviewing her own book – should be taken under advisement.

    To try to shift some kind of fault, or to make accusation, or to blame others ‘seems like’ a smokescreen; an obvious diversion to avoid answers. The other names mentioned in the accusations here have nothing to do with the problems raised about McGowan, the so-called ‘Irish News’ stories being but one example.

  • jen

    (continued from previous post)
    Now I ask you, alan, can any of your posts be connected in any way with McGowan if they were traced? Are you a sock puppet? Are you McGowan?
    Because it doesn’t matter if everyone else here is a sock puppet…they are not promoting their books for monetary gain…or to try to swing public votes in their favor…But McGowan is supposed to be a professional author &can be held accountable for such falsehoods.

    I see that people have had problems with McGowan taking criticism, and everyone here is a critic. That is not a crime. What is a crime is for an author to attack critics and start smear campaigns against them. You have accused others of doing this to McGowan, but you never set out to clarify what is truth or untruth…just who you hate and accuse of hating you or McGowan. It’s a nasty little diversionary tactic you have used again and again. I offer the following example:

    You mentioned Theresa Walsh, so I followed the lead and came to this:
    (Begin quote)
    After I posted this review (on 6/26/2005) I was immediately attacked on the author’s Yahoo “discussion” group, for reasons that make no sense. I was insulted (the book is “too sacred for you to understand”), told I was “risking the lives of those who safeguard one of the greatest treasures of humankind” with my questions, accused of claiming some higher knowledge (“if you are such a mistress of all things arcane”) …My book is just a fictional story for young adults and contains no secret knowledge, unlike the claims of McGowan for The Expected One. The so-called “discussion” was mainly a collection of bad-taste insults hurled at people who don’t wholeheartedly sign on to whatever it is they think is so important.

    Frankly, the posts left there were so vituperative and irrational (that sounds like the slugger o’toole forum!) that I declined to waste my time answering their abuse and deleted myself from the group. I plan to have no more contact with these people and do not plan to read the next two books. This kind of grossly unprofessional behavior on the part of an author is something I have never encountered before, in many years as a reviewer. McGowan is building a cult around her Magdalene ideas and it is plain she will never have an explanation for the alleged Magdalene manuscript. (note: that is the same manuscript, the “Gospel of Magdalene” (end quote)Olsson claims much of the concept was lifted directly from her website)
    (resume Welsh quote)
    August 2005 – I have unfortunately had to deal with the author and her antics on more occasions. I’ve heard from another reviewer who was also insulted and threatened by McGowan…(end quote)

    You also mentioned a website that blasts Olsson:
    Their aim is clearly stated on the first page:
    The ultimate goal of The Refiner’s Fire is to introduce Jews to the “New Testament”(end quote) I would hardly call this a fair critic…they are evangelists with a mission to destroy Judaism in the world… they are a cult. Yet you speak as though they have some great ‘inside’ scoop about Olsson. That is obviously not their claim. Their claim is like your claim, to discredit anyone who disagrees with them.

    Then you mention Crystal Gail and Robin Hilton in the same breadth. Robin Hilton is the mayor of a small district, a very public figure and highly respected. Crystal Gail inherited the unfinished works of Linda Goodman. She hired McGowan
    to help organize the works into a saleable book. Instead, McGowan took the works, tried to publish the book as her own. No one ‘stole’ it from her.
    It was never hers to begin with. She broke a trust with someone who felt sorry for her and tried to help her out financially.

    No one here owes you any explanations, least of all Olsson. She does not have to explain to you or anyone else where or when she was in Afghanistan, or what books she wrote or didn’t write. That has no relevance to anyone here.

    What is relevant is that you or McGowan explain yourselves and your claims in a professional and orderly manner, without making accusations against others.

    Otherwise, move on and stop posting here.

  • jen

    (This is the first part of post number 9 above)

    To Alan:

    The following people do not have books or films out on the market: Sue Olsson, Theresa Walsh, Crystal Gail, Robin Crookshank Hilton. They are critics of McGowan’s work.

    They have made fair comments and asked direct questions that McGowan seems to evade, dodge, or slam back at the critic with accusations.

    You have accused them of being ‘sock puppets.’ Here is what wikipedia has to say about “professional authors’ with a book in print, who establish sock puppets to boost their reviews:

    A sockpuppet (sometimes known also as a mule, glove puppet, alternate account, or joke account) is an additional account of an existing member of an Internet community to invent a separate user. This may be used for fictional support of separate people in a vote or argument by falsely using the account as a separate user, or for acting without consequence to one’s “main” account. It is often considered dishonest by online communities, and such pretending individuals are often labeled as trolls.

    Although the “sock puppet” concept has been applied to different sender names of the same e-mail account on different computers, such alternate IDs to identify a particular computer may not always be for deception.(They may be to insure privacy and safety).

    While examples abound, most are of non-public figures. Notable exceptions in recent years include:

    L.A. Times columnist Michael Hiltzik, who was forced to give up his column and Times blog in April 2006 when it was revealed that he was anonymously posting under the “sock puppet” name of “Mikekoshi”, and possibly “Nofanofcablecos”, to attack those critical of his writings.[1] He did this both on the blogs of his critics, and even on his own blog in response to hostile commenters.
    John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, who, between 2000 and 2003, posted under the “sock puppet” name of “Mary Rosh”[2], praising Lott’s teaching, and arguing with Lott’s critics on Usenet. The name was also used to post outstanding reviews of his books, and panning books of rivals on online book sites. Lott admitted he had frequently used the name “Mary Rosh” to defend himself, but claimed the book reviews by “Mary Rosh” were written by his son and wife.
    Lee Siegel, writer for The New Republic magazine, was suspended for defending his articles and blog comments using the user name “sprezzatura”.[3]
    Cyrus Nowrasteh, screenwriter for The Path to 9/11, was identified as having created a sock puppet on internet movie website IMDB to post a rave review of an obscure film he had made that did not have a distributor or video/DVD release. The sock puppet was named “ysteb” – the name of his wife Betsy spelled backwards. [4][5]
    Brian Krebs, writer for the, was identified as posing as an anonymous commentator on a website criticizing his coverage of the “Hijack a MacBook in 60 Seconds” story [6]
    Another type of sockpuppet is an account created by the author of a book for the sole purpose of recommending the product/book by posing as an enthusiastic consumer or reader. (The tactic bears some resemblance to viral marketing). A single such sock puppet is a shill; creating large numbers of them to fake a “grass-roots” upswelling of support is known as astroturfing.

    Successful commercial websites, such as, which employ a user-review and rating system are, by virtue of the potential for large monetary gains, highly vulnerable to Internet sock puppetry, for the purpose of self-promotion, and hence profiteering.(end wikipedia quote)
    (continues on above post # 9)

  • alan

    Olsson you just must be retarded. You posted that McGowan’s interview took place in Dublin. It’s no wonder you can’t write, You can’t read. This is the quote you are referring to.

    “At the time I didn’t understand why this document made me so emotional,” she told the
    Irish News & Entertainment in an interview from Dublin where she is promoting the
    release of her novel.

    Kathleen was in Dublin. That is what the words “In an interview from Dublin means.

    You are either retarded or delibertely trying to mislead. I believe it’s a bit of both

  • alan

    Olsson you posted “Otherwise, move on and stop posting here. ”

    Posted by jen/olsson on Mar 02, 2007 @ 02:29 PM

    WHo Died and and put you in charge?

    I amuse myself scaning your rambling words. Do you honestly think anyone could possibly have the time or the patience to read all of this garbage you post. You come accross as a pathetic looser.

    PS Crystal Gail is a beautiful singer. I have never heard McGowan say anything about this beautiful woman. Check your facts. Why are you talking about Crystal gail? So pathetic you cannot seem to get your facts straight in any of your stories. Jealousy will kill you.

  • Loren

    alan sounds like a ranting date from hell.