Haughey seriously ill…

RTE reports that after being taken in to hospital last night Charlie Haughey is seriously ill in hospital.

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  • Keith M

    “Mr Haughey was admitted to the Mater Private Hospital…” within a stone’s throw of Mountjoy Prison, ah what might have been.

  • RmcC

    When he goes there’ll be the usual claptrap about the “end of an era”.

    Unfortunately, it won’t be.

  • Yokel

    An in it for himself kind of guy…..

  • RmC

    *Allegedly*, Yokel 🙂

    Before my time but I’m told that he used to headbang at Wolfe Tones gigs to show his republican creds. Can’t get my head around that image somehow.

  • Yokel

    He was a politician wasn’t he? Ipso facto….

  • Suff Box

    There is an interesting story of how Haughey first raised his head into politics. It goes that he and a group of mates removed a union flag from the gates of Trinity College Dudlin and replaced it with a tricolor along with an ensuing protest and somewhat of a riot. It was victory in Europe day I believe. Something of a trouble maker even back then!

  • CS Parnell

    That VE day incident is famous but I was unaware that Haughey was there. Is that true?

  • Yokel

    Parnell..who knows but you know how most of it goes…legend, exaggeration..

  • Paul

    Has there ever been anyone in Irish politics who made a name for themselves by a concilitary gesture? The Haughey story is an mirror image of young Ian’s first forays into politics. Get everyone scared and fighting and then take charge.

  • George

    On Haughey and VE Day, I believe it all kicked off after the Trinity students burnt the Irish tricolour.

  • corcaigh

    Paul: “Has there ever been anyone in Irish politics who made a name for themselves by a concilitary gesture?”

    Not a word about the teapot The Boss gave Maggy. Shame.