Victory for Sacked Dunnes Worker

Sacked for wearing a Union badge to work, Dublin-based Dunnes worker Joanne Delaney’s case has become a cause celebre for the Trade Union movement in recent months. Tonight it appears that Dunnes Stores have finally caved in, following sustained pressure and amidst adverse publicity in Britain and Ireland.

  • Mickhall

    Well done to Ms Delaney and her brothers, sisters and supporters, each generation has to fight their own corner. Sacked for wearing a trade union badge. What arrogance on the part of Dunnes and what contempt this company has displayed towards its workforce and their democratic rights.

    Many of todays employers act as if the 20th century never happened, unless they get up to speed this Century is going to be a very bumpy ride indeed.


  • DCB

    Shame on Dunnes for being so spineless